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ACE WATER SPA : Dip and Drip a different kind of relaxation

Alright, I’m finally writing my first ever blog. How cool is that? I’ve always wanted to blog but I just didn’t know how to start. Thanks to May Palacpac for helping me take my first steps. So, here we go.

I first heard about Ace Water Spa from an officemate of mine. And because I terribly need to soothe my body of that annoying body aches. I tried to search it in Google and did my research. The place was a hotel and is offering hydrotherapy/ water spa using different water pressures.

Lucky me,  Metrodeal was offering a discounted pass that time at Php349 instead of Php550 so I grabbed 7 vouchers. Of course, I wouldn’t want my whole family to miss the chance to experience it.

I opted to go on a Saturday, since I normally have a mid shift schedule on weekdays. And since I have work on that day at a normal schedule, we decided to try it out in the evening preferably at 6pm till closing. So, we headed there at around 5pm. We arrived at the place at 7pm because of the unexpected heavy traffic along C5. 2 hours travel from Taguig to Kapitolyo, Pasig (that short distance for hours). Normally, it will just take you 15 minutes drive going there if there’s no traffic.

In the cafeteria inside the hotel, I found my Mom waiting and having coffee while watching the swimmers make their splash. The place was divided with a glass wall so people that are dining in their buffet restaurant and the mini shabu-shabu/ cafeteria are able to view the water spa area.

Upon presenting our vouchers at the reception, we were given our gate passes which we scanned in their electronic barge (I don’t know what to call it) so you can get in. The lockers, showers and entrances to the pools are separate for males and females. Once you get in, the person in charge will collect the electronic pass that was given at the reception and will provide you with your locker keys which is attached to a rubber bracelet that you can wear while dipping/swimming.  In the same room, you’ll find the dressing rooms and the shower rooms altogether. Just like any other swimming pools, they only allow swimwear made of spandex nylon or lycra.

When you enter the spa area, you will be given your swimming cap to keep your hair tact and to prevent it from falling in the water and clogging the pool. There are 3 different pools to choose from, the lap pool, the massage pool and the herbal pools. The lap pool is just like the ordinary lap pool you see in other places. They have 4 herbal pools with different temperatures  from 35 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit and scent that you can choose from. You can soak your tired muscles here to relieve it from body pains. It was such a relief when I tried it. The place also has sauna just beside the herbal pools that you can use. I tried it for a couple of seconds but I can’t breathe inside. So, my Mom and I decided to try the massage pool while my hubby and kids were all busy soaking and exploring the place. There were different types of massage to choose from. From soft to hard  and for different body parts. You get massaged by water jets that hits you on multiple massage points. We were giggling and laughing because the pressured water was ticklish. It really felt so relaxing. After a few hours of soaking and trying out all types of massages, our stomachs were rumbling. You can’t eat inside the spa so you have to really give up your time and head out. The experience was great but it is not like the regular resort that you can munch while having fun. There is a maximum of 4 hours use of the facility. You actually don’t get to consume the entire time because you’ll get bored of soaking and your stomach will remind you that time is up.

At the lobby of Ace Water Spa/Hotel after our dip.

Pros: a good place to get relieved of body pains. I really loved their herbal pools. The water jets are really good in relieving my back and shoulder pains. They provide floaters and vest for kids which is a plus. There are life guards around. There is free drinking water. And, you can rent swimwear.

Cons: the smell of chlorine was strong. You can’t eat inside while you get to see people eating outside. (Is it really a con or is it just me? Lol!). Taking pictures is prohibited. That’s why I don’t have good pictures to share😞.

Overall: the experience was great! Thumbs up!👍


Ace Water Spa

Kapitolyo, Pasig Branch

Rates: Php550 for adults and Php250 for small kids. Php250 for lap pool

NO lap pool only entrance on weekends


spandex nylon/ lycra

Swimwear for RENT in reception:

Trunks: Php100

Swimsuit: Php200


41 thoughts on “ACE WATER SPA : Dip and Drip a different kind of relaxation

    1. Sayang naman. You can still go this summer. I believe Metrodeal is still offering a deal for a discounted pass but for a higher price tho. But, still less than the regular price. It’s a good way to relax and have fun at the same time. Thanks for dropping by May!

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  1. Indeed, its very good place to relax and enjoy swimming .but that was around 6years ago. Hopefully i can go back and experience what are the additions and renovations on their facilities 🙂


  2. Welcome to blogosphere dear! Been wanting to go there too to experience their herbal pool! And glad you were able to relax! 🙂


  3. My mom would always ask me that we try Ace Water Spa. She’s been there a couple of times. Will look into Metro Deal too as the discount is a real help considering that we are seven in the family.
    And nice blog you have here.


  4. Congrats on your first post! This is a pretty good review! Well I’m kinda disappointed that you can’t step out to have a bite then return. You want to be able to snack in between! Hehe. And they rent out swimwear? Is that hygenic?


    1. The maximum time that you can utilize the facility is only 4 hours. So, snacking in between is not really a good idea cause it will consume your time. Lol. And about the swimwear, it is unhygienic to rent but for some they go for it. I forgot to ask if they have new ones for sale.😊


  5. Congratulations on writing your first blog post! Looking forward to more posts from you. Ace Water Spa sounds really nice; unfortunately; we can’t swim in water with too much chlorine 😦


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