Debut: DIY Pajama Party

Having a debut party is a dream to most girls even before. It is customary that a girl turning 18 throws a big party. It’s also part of our tradition to celebrate the coming-of-age of a young lady which is reminiscent to Spanish traditions. However, not every girl would dream this kind of socialization– others would prefer a night out with friends, some would like to celebrate it travelling and exploring places, and some just want to have dinner with family.

I’d like to share with you my experience with my eldest daughter’s 18th birthday. Colyn, as we call her, wanted to have that customary party with 18 roses and candles and all that 18 that comes with the ceremony. But, with our financial capacity considering that we are also paying for her college, I was very worried. Of course, I wanted her to have the biggest ball ever! Well, that’s all mothers would want for their children, the best! But, I know sadly that I can’t.

We came up with an idea on how to celebrate it during my 2nd child’s (Andrey) birthday which we celebrated at Royal Palm Residences in Taguig (which I will be discussing in a separate blog). I told Colyn, that we can’t afford to have a big party. So, I suggested to her if we can just invite a couple of friends over so they can swim their hearts out and sleep just like we did– and have a Pajama Party. She agreed to my suggestion and ended the conversation.

Even on a tight budget, I still wanted a memorable party for her. I actually planned to surprise her– so, I secretly asked a friend to help with the preparations. And because, I’d love to incorporate all her ideas into it. Keeping it a secret was the biggest challenge, lol! So, I ended up engaging her in the preps– anyway it’s her party.

The Preparations

This is how our preparations went.

First, the venue scouting.

I tried to find a place that will fit my budget. I first tried to look for units to rent in condo residences, just like we did in Andrey’s celebration. I assumed, she’ll only have a couple of guest as we’ve discussed.  I asked her the as to how many she’ll have — and she said 40. I didn’t expect that??! I was only planning for a smaller party! Argh!

So, that in mind, I searched for a bigger place. After searching, researching and ocular visits for many days, I found the one that stole my heart. A big place that can accommodate all her guest. I found Fraser Place Serviced Residence. I opted for a service residence for 2 reasons;

  1. it offers bigger space compared to condo units.
  2. it has a big kitchen (heaven!).

Plus! they have a discounted package that you can’t resist as compared to their regular price! (Fraser only)


The hotel was offering a local residents package with the following inclusions and rates:


  • Accommodation in a Two Bedroom apartment
  • Continental breakfast for 2 person
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Complimentary daily scheduled shuttle service to business and commercial centers
  • Complimentary car park lot per apartment
  • Daily housekeeping service for short stays (From Monday to Friday for long stays)


  • 2 Bedroom Deluxe – PHP 7,800.00 net per night
  • 2 Bedroom Premier – PHP 8,500.00 net per night

So, I booked the 2 bedroom premier because of the big space. But, take note that the hotel does NOT allow parties! sshhhhhh! The room we got has 2 big bedrooms, 1 big kitchen equipped with a big refrigerator, gas stove and oven, and a complete cooking wares (which I liked because I can cook there instead to bringing my cooked food from our house) and 2 comfort rooms. The masters bedroom has a huge bathroom with Jacuzzi! Awesome!

Second, the planning for the motif and the program. 

First, she wanted black. Then, black and red. And, black red and white, black and white. Sigh! She ultimately chose black and white for her theme. Yey! We created games of our own to make the party alive. She chose the music to play and the people who will participate in her 18 ceremonies. She also had people to dance and sing — not to mention her time to shine concert was in the program.

Third, the invites!

Colyn asked a friend to design her invites and we had it printed in a good quality board material. Very classy!

We had a list of persons she planned to invite. All of them are closest to her heart. I’ve specifically instructed her about it. NO acquaintances, closest friends and family only. I’m on a tight budget, remember?


Fourth, shopping!

We started buying all we need from balloons, cups, plates, straws to table covers. I made sure that all item designs and colors should match the theme. We bought most of the items in Divisoria ( a heavenly place for thrift people, lol!) . We also bought sweet goodies for the dessert table from mallows to chocolates there. You only have to be very patient in shopping since you have to walk a lot in a crowded street and under the heat of the sun! Whew!

Fifth, accessorize!

Luckily, we had a lot of throw pillows at home. We needed it so the guest can sit on and lazy around the floor. That’s how it should be — PAJAMA PARTY won’t be complete without pillows. I bought matching black and white pillow cases in Taytay, Rizal. My mom lives near the area, so I took the opportunity to buy when I visited her.

Colyn also started to print out pictures which she planned to attach on the end of the balloons and as a design in the venue.

The guests were asked to bring pillows of their own and come on their jammies. It’s a good thing that everyone was wearing pajamas. It saves you from over thinking what to wear.

Sixth, the cake hunting.

We searched for tasty cakes that is cheap yet very delicious. I kept my eyes away from the known brands because I know that it will cost as high as their reputation.

We were directed by one of my cousins to Iko’s bread and cakes along C. Raymundo, Pasig. Very affordable and very delish! The cake was a gift from her Ninang Marivi — a piece of advice, get the Ninangs and Ninongs involved! they will help you a lot! (just don’t force them).

2 Layered Icing cake and cup cakes by Iko’s Breads and Patries 😊


And lastly, we decided what food to serve. I cooked some of it and some I ordered from CCME Home Made Food Stuff ( a very reliable and cheap source of food, you should try it ;-)).

See some of our pics.




My family!😍


 We were able to accommodate around 70 guests that night from supposed to be 40 guests. The party ended well with a blast! It was the best birthday ever as the celebrant said. I’m just so glad that nobody from the hotel knocked on our door to reprimand us. Hurrah!

So, after the party. They were everywhere! Lol!



24 thoughts on “Debut: DIY Pajama Party

  1. So love the concept and the look of the place. Nice and black and white. Question though, buti Di nagtaka Ung hotel staff bakit ang daming punapasok Na guests at naka pajama pa. 😂😅😂


  2. I’m reminded of my own bachelorette party and the other bachelorette parties I attended because of the venue. So it’s perfect–it’s a pyjama party (just like what little girls have) meets bachelorette party (soon but not quite, hehe). Middle point.

    And your daughter is really pretty, by the way. 🙂


  3. Pajama Party, I really love the idea! It’s something that i would have done for my own debut years ago haha maybe my daughters would also love the idea but that’s going to be 15 years from now pa hehe. Oh and the foods are they good? would love to check them out


    1. Yes, the place is really big so I was so happy when I first saw it. It was big compared to other hotels. The rate was also in promo. The regular price of the room if I can remember it right was around Php20k. 🙂


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