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Paradizoo and Residence Inn: Power of Litez

It has been a while since I last set foot in Tagaytay City.  Last Saturday, I had the chance to visit the place once again together with my co-bloggers and through an invitation by Zoomanity Group under Yupangco Group of Companies as part of Tag Media.

I was astonished of the progress in the City. Restaurants, fast foods, hotels, resorts, condominiums and other establishments were like mushrooms that grew from nowhere. Not to mention the Mall that caught my attention because of its architectural design of wood that matches the place.


In approximately 10-15 mins drive from the city proper down to Mendez, Cavite, you will find Paradizoo. One of the many parks of Zoomanity Group.

The 12-hectare theme park boast three different attractions such as livestock , floral and vegetables. A combination of Paradise and Zoo that is uniquely entertaining and relaxing. Experience the most awaited festivities in the field of agriculture as they re-unfold their annual Power of Three (floral, vegetables, and agri-livestock fair).

As we toured the place, the first thing that caught my attention was the camel. Guests of the theme park may experience camel back riding for a minimal fee. I was so curious that I can’t let the opportunity pass.

Camel back ride @Paradizoo

Paradizoo houses different kinds of animal from rabbits to miniature horses. I got to feed the birds inside their cage. And because Ostrich is way bigger than Love Birds, I opted not to try feeding but instead I got my husband John to try it! Lol!


They also have a 5 legged bull (the star of the farm). Something you don’t see everyday.


As we toured around the farm here are some of the pictures I’ve taken.

Miniature horse
Miniature pony. Looks like donkey in Shrek! Lol

Right after exploring the Animal Farm, we headed to the Flower and Bonsai Garden. If you long for a peaceful and refreshing site, this is a great place to be in.


The place is open for Prenuptial photo shoots for php499 per person (groom, bride, and photographer) , the rest can just pay the entrance fee.

They also have an open air Reception Hall in the middle of the farm that keeps you close to nature which you can rent for your events.


Afterwards, we proceeded to the Vegetable Farm. It’s very admirable that the farm doesn’t use chemicals to nurture their plants. They make use of animal manure as fertilizer and promotes best practices in agriculture. So, all of the veggies sold here are organic.

They also have a Butterfly Farm and a Bee Farm that produces all natural honey. Don’t be frightened with the sting. The bees here are the Italian bees that only stings when disturbed. So, don’t mess with them. You can buy an 8oz. bottle of pure honey for only php250. I didn’t get to buy because they were out of stock when we visited.

As a pet lover. It is very heart warming that the farm has a Pet Cemetery. An allotted space for our beloved departed pets to be buried in.


After the tour, we headed back to Paradizoo Cafè where we were able to feast on a very tasty treat. They served us with Zoompia (vegie lumpia). What you see in the picture is only 1/3 of the whole Zoompia which you can buy for php69 for a ruler long (whoa! I didn’t get to finish the 1/3 portion because it is so heavy in the stomach. What more if I was given the whole Zoompia! Lol!)). The Rice Soup (I forgot how they call it) is very tasty with an added nutrients from Malungay leaves. The Lemon Grass Tea was such a hit to me. It is so refreshing! I loved the taste!


Residence Inn

Known to many, Residence Inn has different kinds of animals and attractions to offer. This is also one of the theme parks under Zoomanity Group. As a brief background, around 25 years ago, Residence Inn started as a rest house. When people started coming in, the owner started to add animals until it became a theme park as it is now.

There are many attractions here like horseback riding, 5D mega rider, zip line to name  few. We were able to try the Cable Car that we all  enjoyed! I wanted to try the Zip Line but since I was wearing a dress, I opted not to.

Aside from the animals and rides, the park also offers a different kind of magic show. It’s a combination of different talents from magic, singing, dancing, and animal show that tells a story. It is amazing that performers are home-grown talents. These people were the ones assisting us with what we need at the park! Cool indeed!

After the show, we were able to witness the Ribbon Cutting and Launch of Power of Litez and Soundz. A new attraction that Residence Inn is offering to all their guests. One million lights and a 140 stairway steps. At the moment, this is a work in progress since they are at 60% completion. I was in awe of how beautiful the sight was.

If you are in the area, this is a place that you wouldn’t want to miss. A fun filled adventure in Tagaytay City! You don’t have to go far to enjoy this kind of entertainment. It’s just a drive away from the hustle and bustle life in the Metro.

For those who yearn to experience these two destinations in one package, feel free to contact Zoomanity Group.

Zoomanity Group

Tel # (02)899-9824/ 8983695/899-9595 loc 344

Cp #0917-8351111





23 thoughts on “Paradizoo and Residence Inn: Power of Litez

  1. Glad to see you enjoyed your very first blogger event! Waah, may camel pala, gusto ko rin itry. Maybe when our car is fixed, we can try going to Paradizoo.

    The last time we went to Residence Inn, sobrang kinilabutan ako sa sawa sa picnic table hahaha. I really can’t touch it.


    1. A super fun Saturday indeed. Can’t forget how I screamed when we tried the cable car. Lol! I would love to try camping in Paradizoo too and since Residence Inn has a majestic view of Taal. I would love to see how the sun rises there in the morning! Hopefully, next time, they allow us to have a night in the Inn. 😀


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