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Coffee and Beyond: DIY Birthday Party at Home

Parties these days have innovated from an old fashioned get together to a lively themed occasions. Moreover, celebrations are more enticing and more vigorous now.

Let me share with you a simple idea on how to liven your parties at home. Parties doesn’t need to be all that expensive. Why hire an event stylist when you can have your own unique theme in your very own home?

Black and yellow! That was the theme that my gorgeous cousin picked for her **th birthday (age is just a number, lol) as yellow was her favorite color. For weeks she kept on posting black and yellow party accessories in Facebook that gave us a clue on what the theme would be. Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. Do you know the feeling of LSS (last song syndrome)? That’s how I felt about it. This time, it’s LRS (last read syndrome). Crazy right? But, it did make me a bit excited about the event.


Making your own decor is really very stressful but at the same time very fulfilling. When you see how your efforts are appreciated by your guests, the stress, sleepless nights and all the fuss pays off.

Here’s how you make some of the decor.

Paper Fan



Regardless of what your theme is, I’m pretty sure that it will make your party more fun and alive! Make sure that you have a theme to follow with your decor so your colors will be matching and will create an elegant and blissful atmosphere.

You can print and make a banner to make sure that your guest knows what kind of party you’re having. In this case, a birthday party. The cut out letter N with the crown was made by my daughter (a labor of love), it was  made of cartolina paper designed with sparkly embellishments to make it attractive (not obvious in the picture though). The letter N was the first letter of the celebrant’s name.


A flower will always add elegance wherever and whenever you use it. It makes a fantastic addition to your design. Don’t forget to get the flower that will compliment the overall look. And don’t forget the table cloths and table runners, too!

And oh! How can anybody forget about the balloons?


More than usual, all you have to do to make your party a hit is a little bit of that artist within you. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and all that finger licking delicious food and drinks will make your party an unforgettable one.

Check out the food! Makes me feel hungry again. My super favorite is the sweet spicy chicken wings — I ate a bunch of it! And we overloaded ourselves with sugar because of the cakes. We were eating until 2am in the morning! Carb and sugar overload! Hello fats! hahaha!


Did I mention that my cousin also made her monitor/ TV background black and yellow? It was a hit to me and all the guest who came. We sang our hearts out with her DIY karaoke song collection.


Just so you know, we were all required to come in our black or yellow outfits. So, we did. Check out our friend who should have won the best dressed award for his efforts! Clap! Clap! Clap! (Hey cuz, you should have let Memel take home the blue cake from Kurdt that he loved as a reward! Lol!).


The party was a success! And I’m looking forward to her next party –of course, when that time comes, I will always request the sweet spicy chicken that I so love. It tasted like Bon Chon or maybe much better!  It will always be part of the list. **wink**

Next time, when you have something to celebrate, don’t settle for a plain dull party — make it extra special with just a wave of your magic wand! It only takes a little imagination. Ciao!


38 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond: DIY Birthday Party at Home

  1. I agree! I, too, love DIY themed parties! It’s less expensive than hiring an event stylist indeed. The only downside is it’s a lot of work! Hehe! Anyway, I loved the Black and Yellow theme of your cousin! And the food looks really delicious! And wow, ang daming cakes!!! Made me hungry hehe! PS the song’s playing in my head until now hahaha 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved it! And it is my favorite color too, Yellow! It is so pleasing to the eyes, yes I am bias kasi favorite color ko eh! Pero yung totoo ang ganda ng outcome mommy!


  3. DIY parties is much better because 1. You are able to save more and 2. Personal touch mo talaga. I love the simplicity of this birthday theme and nakakaaliw yung Black and Yellow song terno talaga dito. Hehe.


  4. Those are lovely pompoms and I just love the color combination. I thin DIY parties at home are more intimate and special but I have yet to throw one. I hope I can very soon, though. A coffee-themed one is something I would love for myself! 😀


  5. Such a fun party. Never thought black and yellow look good together. And i find the tv monitor real fun ha! And whoever wore that funky yellow socks is totally a cool dude! Would love to read more diy party from you. Cant get over with the birthday of your daughter and now you have another fun diy party.


  6. I love the decor, especially the pompoms. 🙂 I’ll have to learn how to make them. I’m expecting to throw a baptismal party for our upcoming new baby by the last quarter of the year. 🙂


  7. Black and yellow is always an eye-catching colour theme! Ganda ng decors ninyo – go DIY! (I had to smile upon reading the song lyrics because my sister used to sing that all the time haha)


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