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PAW Patrol: Aeon, Zam and Gab are Ready for Action meet and greet with Marshall and Chase!

Toy Kingdom brings PAW Patrol Ready for Action to SM Mall of Asia Music Hall held on April 29-30 for their first ever launch in South East Asia!


PAW Patrol is a CG action adventure preschool series from Nickelodeon starring a pack of heroic and hilarious pups led by Ryder, a tech-savvy and energetic boy who rescued all six pups and taught them PAW Patrol skills.

Get to know the pups!

Chase, a German Shepard Police Dog pup is a natural leader–athletic, smart, and “by the book” organized.

Marshall, the team’s brave Firedog, is an excitable, all action six-year-old Dalmatian pup.

Zuma, is a playful, a water loving Labrador pup, and the team’s Water Rescue Dog.

Rubble, is a construction Bulldog –a tough, gruff pup with a heart of gold.

Rocky, is a six-year-old Mixed Breed Recycling pup — a creative canine who often considers someone else’s trash his treasure.

Skye, is a cute Cockapoo puppy — a fearless daredevil who will try anything with grace and smile.

I got excited when an invite for the PAW Patrol meet and greet for bloggers was up in our bloggers page. I hurriedly signed up for the event as I recall my bunso Aeon to be so fascinated with them as he is such a fan of Nickelodeon. A plus was, I can take 4 kids with me at the event. So, I have my son Aeon(7), my daughter Zam(10) and my nephew Gab(9) to take with me.

we got invited!

Morning of April 29, we headed to SM Moa for the PAW Patrol meet and greet. The kids were very excited, they kept on asking if there will be games and prizes, for they are so fond of party games. They were discussing about the characters of Paw Patrol on our way to the venue.

When we got there, the place was so colorful. There were PAW Patrol merchandise that you can purchase at the venue.

There were different Pup up activity stations where the kids can play like the Rubble Building Station, Rocky Recycling Station, Zuma Pup Boogie Dance Station, Skye Face Painting Salon, and The Marshall and Chase Rescue station. The PAW Patrol cars where also set up so you can take a photo with it.

So, with no more ado, we headed to the registration booth to register. There was a little miscommunication that happened when we registered. The person at the registration booth was asking for an invite other than what I received. And we were asked to purchase first before we can get in. So, I immediately contacted Joanna, the Digital Marketing Manager who sent us the email invite, who then assisted us to our entry. What a relief!


Upon entry, they gave us a ticket and a certificate for the games. So, we hurried and took pictures and played in all the Pup up stations. You get a stamp on the certificate when you complete one activity.

we got invited!

The activity featured a discussion about fire and fire prevention. Which is very timely, since we are suffering from an intense heat brought by global warming and summer time. During these times, fire easy sparks. I get to watch fire news on TV most of the time. So, it is best that kids are aware, too!

we got invited!

Then, it was time for the meet and greet with Marshall and Chase.

we got invited!

My kids had plenty of stories to tell their playmates when they arrived home.

We had a great time and an informative one! Thanks #ToyKingdom, #Nickelodeon and to #mommybloggersph for making us part of the event! My kids are looking forward to another one!

Thanks for the loot bag!




29 thoughts on “PAW Patrol: Aeon, Zam and Gab are Ready for Action meet and greet with Marshall and Chase!

  1. I honestly didn’t know much about Paw Patrol until a couple of days ago when the TV was on Nickelodeon and it was showing! I think the show’s really good esp for kids! The event looks so much fun though! Thank you for sharing 😉


  2. I’m looking forward to attending events like this once Baby Charley gets a little older to enjoy these. 🙂 thanks for sharing, Mommy. Im sure yours kids had a lot of fun! 🙂


  3. Looks like a fun event. So sad lang the venue was really far from us and bringing kids with me at SM MOA is a struggle. Nway, i agree. The place was indeed. Colorful and the kids sure did have fun.


  4. I wanted to take my son here because he also loves Paw Patrol. Unfortunately, we were already scheduled to go somewhere else that day. Hope they’ll have another event soon.


  5. That looks so fun, mommy! I’ll wait for my 2 year old to get a little older to enjoy this kind of activities. At the moment, he just likes exploring, roaming around, taking a look at things for just few seconds, throws them and proceeds with the next one. But things like this make me excited for our future bonding! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I’m not familiar with Paw Patrol as we don’t have Nickolodeon. Or we do but I just don’t know which channel. Haha. This looks like a fun event though. Maybe I’ll look it up in YT later.


  7. Looks like the kiddos had so much fun! I honestly am not that familiar with Paw Patrol but maybe I’ll try watching a few episodes before I decide if I will make Bunny watch it.


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