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Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids plus Oil Pastel Workshop

Kids often times have their noses playing games in the internet, updating on Facebook, IG, Tweeter etc. But, do they know the do’s and dont’s in using the internet?

Last Monday, my kids and I were invited to attend an event that focus on Internet Safety for Kids and Families. I was lucky enough to take my 2 nephews with me, too! I was so eager to attend this event since my older kids are normally in the net, even my 7-year-old boy can be too hooked at internet games at times.


The event was sponsored by Trend Micro, a leading company who aims to protect our computers by developing softwares that secures our internet. So, we were able to attend for free.😆

Here are some of the things we’ve learned.


  1. Don’t give out your complete birthday.
  2. Don’t chat with strangers, not everyone can be trusted.
  3. Don’t add or confirm friend request from people with whom you don’t know.
  4. Don’t just click on links since not everything on the internet can be trusted.
  5. Don’t post sexy pictures. This might give wrong impressions to others and may put yourself in danger.
  6. Don’t post statuses that gives others a hint that you are alone.
  7. Don’t give out your password.
  8. Don’t give out the name of your school.
  9. Don’t give out the name of your best friend and parents.
  10. Don’t give out your exact address.
  11. Don’t be mean.


  1. Create a strong password that others can hardly guess but easy for you to remember. Password should be alphanumeric and can also have special characters if the application allows.
  2. Only give passwords to your parents.
  3. There should only have 1 hour internet hours alloted for kids.
  4. Click right! Only open trusted sites.
  5. Be responsible!
Our jolly speaker/owner Ms. Alma Ramirez!

The Venue

The event was held at The Crafters Marketplace in Shangri-la Mall inside Rustan’s Supermarket. The Crafters Marketplace is owned by Ms. Alma Ramirez and Sunshine See. As a brief background, the company started last year when the industry of arts and crafts started getting all the attention. When people started to buy their products and asking how to use it, they decided to offer art classes like calligraphy, polymer clay, silhouette cameo, journaling etc. at a very affordable price.

So, after the talk, the kids were given the Oil Pastel Workshop with Teacher Ian De Jesus. The kids were all so attentive when Teacher Ian showed them how to combine colors and how to use the oil pastel. And because our topic was about Internet Safety, they were asked to draw what they’ve learned.

Overall, I was so happy that the kids were able to learn about internet safety. It is now important that kids know what can be done and what not in the internet. All of us even adults have to be responsible surfers, because at the end of the day it is our security and safety at risk if we take it for granted. And at the same time the kids had the chance to learn from the workshop. Two birds in one stone for the day!

Me and Ms. Alma!😊

So, let me take this opportunity to thank #TrendMicro, #TheCraftersMarketplace and #mommybloggersph for this awesome adventure. Until next time!😊

Summer is still on, The Crafters Marketplace is still offering art classes for kids and adults.

For more details contact:

The Crafters Marketplace

Rustan’s Grocery, Lower Level, Shangri-La Mall, EDSA


IG: @craftersnscrappers

Sunshine See – 647.895.1051 (viber)

Alma Ramirez – 0926.623.1284


32 thoughts on “Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids plus Oil Pastel Workshop

  1. I would often call DIYs such labors of love. I like crafting, crafting like writing relaxes me and brings me in a peaceful and tranquil zone. Would check out the Crafters Market Place from what I have read it seems to be a very busy place with lots of stuffs to do and crafts to make. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Been to the Crafters’ Marketplace and attended a number of their workshops. Ms. Alma and Ms. Sunshine are amiable and yes, jolly. Even their trainers are very approachable. The internet safety talk is a must to kids especially teenagers. I hope they all tap schools for a short talk.


      1. Tama. Kahit ano. Ang dami ngang basta na lang nagpopop na ads sa gilid gilid kapag nagbubukas ako ng computer e. Napasukan na kami ng virus kasi kung anu ano rin ata inaaccept nila


  3. We were also in that workshop but we were in the morning session. I love the outputs of the kids, they were all very creative. My son had a great time and he met new friends.


    1. We went in the afternoon. We had the workshop all to ourselves. Lol. My kids and nephews loved it. I was checking on what they’ve learned on our way home and they can all remember the do’s and don’ts .


    1. The talk and the workshop was actually sponsored by Trend Micro that’s why they were able to talk about internet safety. My eldest was also able to buy an eraser she wanted at a low price compared to buying it in other stores. It was a different eraser, something that can be molded like clay. I’m not familiar with it as my eldest is the artist in our family.😊


    1. Yes. So when I learned that they are giving this workshop, I immediately signed up. I wanted the kids to be informed how important it is to be safe online. Plus, they get to learn the basic of using oil pastel.


  4. Kids ought to be educated about online safety as they spend a considerable amount of time with eyes peeled on their social media pages. This is a great initiative by Trend Micro. Hopefully they will have more events like this in the future.


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