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Gold Stack: Honey Butter Potato Chips a new found addiction

What would be your reaction if I say we found a potato chip that will not make you feel guilty eating it? Yes, we’ve found one. Wink wink!😉

So, without further ado, let me share with you our newly found addiction. Introducing Gold Stack Honey Butter Potato Chips. This product contains 0% Trans Fat, 0% Cholesterol and NO PRESERVATIVES! Moreover, it is also ISO, HACCP, BRC and HALAL certified.


Would you choose an unhealthy snack over a healthy one? Of course, NOT! It is such a treat to have a healthy and tasty snack to munch.


Let me tell you how I found this great potato chips. Gold Stack was one of the booths in the recent #Blogapalooza. My kids and I were so thrilled when we found out that a challenge was set and can win us a can of Gold Stack.

Gold Stack booth @ Blogapalooza ; photo credits to #goldstackph

The challenge was to bring down 5 empty cans of Gold Stack with the air from a balloon. But, before I played, I made sure to taste their sample first. I wouldn’t wanna win something I wouldn’t want to eat. So, after that I unleashed my competitive side.

Many failed the game, but I conquered it! I was the first to win! It was actually easy with a little strategy on the side.  We won 3 cans! Three wins for 3 cans! Can’t blame it on luck! Hahaha!


What to expect from every can?

  1. Each can contains 160g of potato chips.
  2. The chips has an oval shape.
  3. It’s a little thicker than other brands.
  4. The taste, with the Honey Butter flavor, it tastes a little sweet and lightly salted.

Don’t fret if you feel odd with the taste at first. You’re not alone. We are used to having salty flavors that suit our appetite, and we don’t have substantial exposure to chips that are sweet and salty at the same time. Gold Stack then comes into the picture to try and “change the norm.” To cite some examples, we all have those food or drinks that are of acquired taste, like durian or alcoholic beverages. When we try to eat or drink some more, the more we get accustomed to it; thus, finally loving how it tastes.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there! Grab a can now and go wild with the #honeybutter goodness in every bite!

Here’s HOW and WHERE to get a can!

You can grab one from the supermarkets listed HERE!

This product is not yet available in leading supermarkets yet. But, you may order online by filling up the form or Viber/SMS them at 09178660912 for orders and inquiries.

Gold Stack PH
Instagram: @goldstackph
Twitter: @goldstackph
Viber/SMS: 0917 866 0912 (Globe)


21 thoughts on “Gold Stack: Honey Butter Potato Chips a new found addiction

  1. if this becomes available and very accessible for grocery shoppers like us, i would definitely get a stack or two so I can have some snacks at the car 😀


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