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How does Mom teach you about MONEY?

Every mother has a different approach on how to teach their children to be financially responsible. It is not an easy task because you may sound a bit “kontrabida” to kids. But, of course, not all kids will take it that way. There’s always an exemption.

How do we mold our kids to be financially responsible? I myself allow my kids to save in a piggy bank. Then let them buy things they want when money is already enough. Sometimes I just add a little bit more. But, often times, I get to see their piggy banks with big holes in it and find nothing inside. Then I ask them, what did you do with the money? They would always tell me that they bought something from the sari-sari store.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain why they need to save. Why they need to be thrifty. Why they need to be responsible. Easier to say that it’s for your own good. But, do they really understand? sent me this infographic about Mommy Saving Tips and felt compelled to share it with you.


As I always tell my kids. “Good life comes to those who work hard. Do this so your kids in the future will not suffer.”

It’s never too early to educate kids about money and it’s never too late for adults to learn.

How about you? Your thoughts are welcome.😊


16 thoughts on “How does Mom teach you about MONEY?

  1. I just love how you said it -it is never too early to educate kids about money and it’s never too late for adults to learn.

    May I be able to teach my kids the proper way of handling money and that I be able to live within our means and not be tempted to buy anything beyond our means.

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    1. Thanks Berlin! I always believe that there’s always hope in each person.

      Temptation is always lurking and often time we loose control. But, when you know the value of the amount you spend and how hard it was to get it, probably, we’ll think twice on spending.😊

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  2. I don’t know how it happened but my daughter knows how to handle money better than me (she just turned 15). I guess its because she started “working” for her Dad when she was in grade 3, so she knows that money doesn’t grow on trees (except when on Christmas when the lolos and lolas, and aunts and uncles spoil her).


  3. “anak, wag ka magastos” and “anak, save” – heard these from my mother since I was young! haha. Back when I was in HS and elementary, I never knew how to save. Now, my husband and I are so intent on saving for our son (and future children).

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  4. Bunny is still young but I do teach her to save (even if she is just a year old) by making a game out of it. Whenever she sees a coin I ask her to drop it in her piggy bank. Now whenever she sees a coin she does it on her own. When she gets a bit older though I plan to teach her as well about investing, never to young to start teaching them.:)


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