Blogapalooza: Horizons -Charting the Uncharted

May 21, 2016, Saturday. I got my first plunge of Blogapalooza fever. And because it was my first, I was so excited in what’s in store. By the way #Blogapalooza is a business to blogger event thatΒ connects Businesses and Bloggers directly, helping Businesses to lower their costs and increase their profit with the help of rich content from Bloggers.

I read about the past Blogapalooza events, and I was aware that I have to be at the venue early to get first hand on the dibs from the sponsors. I went there with my 2 daughters because we were allowed to bring two non-blogger guests.

The event was held at Elements at Centris in Quezon Ave., 5 mins walk from MRT station. So, we headed to the venue via MRT!😊

At the venue, there were bloggers who arrived ahead of us. Blogapalooza had an online pre-registration. So, registration at the venue was swift. Then, I was given my first ever Blogapalooza blogger ID! Yey!


What I love about #Blogapalooza?

My kids and I loves to play games. So, we head on to each of the sponsors booths to check their products, play, sample and register for a chance to win their raffle!


Blogapalooza Sponsors

Yes, there were food samplings! I love food and I love it free. Who doesn’t?πŸ˜‚ Β The best things are free! Lol!

There was Cocio, promises #nothingbut great taste! (I love this drink!) They also offered us the flat lay photo. We had our photo taken while lying down. Such a great experience. Super thanks for reposting our picture!

Post from #CocioPH

Arla, tastes really good! We loved the bite size sandwiches. And the milk shake! And the cheese spread, something to die for. I love it!😊

MN Megawatt, good pizza! I only wished they gave bigger sizes of the pizza sample. (they only gave small cut size, sad me. Hahaha!)

Vita Coco, I got to taste their Vita Summer drink (alcoholic). I only tried a little of it just to taste it. But, I drank 3 bottles of the coconut water!

Aside from the feeding, there were also dibs from Empire East, Skin Station, Speedycard Ph, Chem World,Β etobee, Happy Fresh, Tag, Blue Water, Gold Stack, Victoria Court and Regrow.

The event was also graced by celebrity singer Christian Bautista, Bb. Pilipinas 1st runner-up, and well-known magicians.


And most importantly, I love the talks, tips from the speakers. I am a newbie, and I have a lot to learn from them.



What I didn’t like about the event?

Nothing! It was just a hit!

The team who made Blogapalooza a success!

So, I’m looking forward to the next Blogapalooza!

Look at what we got!

We got all these in winning sponsor’s booth games!

34 thoughts on “Blogapalooza: Horizons -Charting the Uncharted

  1. I was there in the event and it was my first as well. My favorite is the Cocio Flat Lay Photo. It was new to me, although i didn’t turned out very creative on the design, it was fun.


  2. My daughter and I love Arla spread! My daughter actually eats them as it is! Hehehe! I wanted to have a photo taken at Cocio but the line was just too long 😦 Sayang! Hope to see you in the next Blogapalooza! πŸ™‚


  3. Unfortunately, we had a fellowship during the Blogapalooza, so as much as I’d love to attend this event, we had to skip. I was able to attend last year’s Blogapalooza, I heard 2 ang Blogapalooza this year, I wish I can attend the next event.


  4. I am so ENVIOUS! The last Blogapalooza event was in Pasay or something so I couldn’t go. I can’t believe this one was just at Centris! It’s so near my house! Had I known I would have definitely gone!!! Sayang! Thanks for sharing, wish I could have gone too!


  5. It’s good that they allow you to bring non blogger friends already. When I attended my first Blogapalooza back in 2014, it wasn’t allowed. Too bad I missed this. I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about this Blogapalooza. πŸ˜€


  6. Wasn’t able to attend this year’s Blogapalooza but I heard there will be another one at the end of the year. Yehey!


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