Bubble fun with Bubble Man dishwashing liquid

Teaching kids of house chores is a must. Growing up knowing nothing about the how to’s is never a good thing.

Last summer, we started our home economics when our Yaya went home for a vacation and we have the house all to ourselves. Good thing that automatic washing machines were invented so we don’t have to worry about washing our clothes and soaking ourselves into harsh soaps.

The kids made a schedule of who’s taking care of which and during which time. So, everybody had a task including my youngest son Aeon. For a month, they did their assigned work together with their cousins who stayed with us during the summer vacation time.

I got a bit worried though that Aeon ‘s hands dried because of our current dishwashing soap. So, I had to make him stop washing dishes. His Ate’s took over his place instead. But from time to time he would ask if he can wash the dishes because he likes doing it. Masaya daw kasi. Lol!

A couple of weeks ago, this soap came to our doorstep.


Bubble Man dishwashing liquid! It has 3 variants to choose from, Anti-bac, Lemon and Calamansi scents.

What I love about Bubble Man?

1. The dishwashing liquid comes into 3 lightly scented variant. Smells really nice.

2. The scent doesn’t stick to your dinnerware  and cookware .

3. Easy to rinse.

4. Very foamy.

5. It leaves your dinner/cookware  squeaky clean.

6. The dishwashing liquid is organic and is biodegradable.

7. It is very gentle on hands. It doesn’t make your hands dry and is gentle to kids hands, too!

8. Very affordable price which is a lot lower than the leading brand.👍👍👍

Now, when Aeon asks that he wash the dishes. By all means anak! Go ahead! But of course, I only allow him to wash the small ones. Baka maubos ang gamit namin sa kakabasag. Hahaha! And he does it when our house help is not around. Kasi nagtatampo si Auntie (name we call our help) and says we don’t need her anymore. Lol!

My verdict.


I recommend this to all Moms out there who wish to teach their kids how to wash dishes. My favorite variant is the Anti-Bac because of it’s anti-bacterial properties.

Dish washing is fun with Bubble Man.

Now, teaching home economics–dishwashing specifically is no longer a problem as we now have a trusted brand that will take care of the dishes and at the same time the hands of my kids.

I actually had my Mom buy the same brand last time when we went to the supermarket. It was timely that they have a promo discount when we bought the big bottle. Although she resisted at first but I insisted that she buys it because she has a sensitive skin and her current brand is harsh on her. I’ll check on her in my next visit.👍



21 thoughts on “Bubble fun with Bubble Man dishwashing liquid

  1. I’m very glad to hear that it’s also gentle on the kids’ hands. It’s really hard to ask them to do chores when the chore is hurting them, so I’m glad you found a solution. 🙂


  2. Dishwashing is one of my pet peeves. I love cooking but nakakapagod maghugas kaya important sa akin na maayos yung panghugas ko. Would love to try this! Send me some, too Bubble Man! Haha! 🙂


  3. I wanna try this 🙂 I’m yaya-less now, which means I take care of the dishes too. I want sana the one with Olay kaso laging out of stock sa supermarket I frequent to. Hehehe


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