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My daughter’s stilleto journey through TOP Fashionista Model Search – coffee and beyond

Last month, Andrey and my eldest daughter Colyn informed me of the model search they found online. Andrey, expressed her eagerness to join. She passed the online screening through sending her pictures. Having said that, I agreed to take her in the office of Maleficent Entertainment Productions in Quezon City.

I was of course a Β bit hesitant of the thought that she’ll be joining in something that I’m not familiar with. Curious, we went to the office at the time and day scheduled. Upon arrival, the office was located at the 3rd floor of a small building. So, I felt a little off again until we entered the office. Upon entry, we saw little kids having their modeling workshop. I felt relieved!

Andrey informed me that there will be no fees to be collected from us based on an inquiry she made through the FB page of the company. There were roughly around 15 interested model wanna be’s and parents who came for the orientation. Parents or guardians were required for the minors.

From the 15 interested models, there were only 3 kids left who’s willing to continue their quest. Primarily because the contest required the contestants to undergo training for several Saturdays before the actual event which I find beneficial to the participants. Some had work, so the Saturday workshop was not something they can commit to. Secondly, though the contest didn’t have a fee, they required 10 entrance tickets to be paid in advance although you can have it sold to family and friends who’s willing to support. So, the funds were still reimbursable. However, it was a bit hard with the timing since June was the first month in school–most funds were already alloted. Although, it was in 2 payments, the dates were just a week away.

I had second thoughts about it as I know it would be hard for me financially. I asked Andrey how much she wanted to join and with my expression of second thoughts, I saw her teary eyed. I knew she wanted it so much. I asked her of she’s sure that she wants to continue. To make the story short, I signed the contract. There’s no turning back now.

Then the pictorial was set. No touch of white for the pictorial attire–as instructed. Tahdah!

photo credits to TOP Fashionista

Here’s the photo which needed FB likes that will be counted towards the influence criteria.

We were also informed of the couture that we had to prepare. My social media friends would know that I posted an inquiry to where I can get a yellow modern Filipiniana dress since it was the color assigned to us. The dress must only have the color assigned and nothing more than that. I preferred renting a gown to lessen the cash outflow. You will still spend because the outfits to be worn will be shouldered by the contestant. I found one which I think would do but still in search for Β a better one.

Today, is theΒ first modeling workshop with mentors Dianara and Ysa. Excited in her first workshop, we arrived before the scheduled time. We wouldn’t want to miss anything.

Check out some of the pics.


It was a tiring 2 hours of walking in a 5-6 inches stelletos. Oh I know it was hard, I tried wearing it but I just couldn’t walk. Hahaha! I’m looking forward to her progress.

Join Andrey in her baby steps as she pursue her passion. Till my next blog!

Travelling home. Tired.
This is the kind of day that gets you really hungry! Lol!😊😊

I would love to hear your thoughts about this quest that my selfie queen is taking. Ciao!

42 thoughts on “My daughter’s stilleto journey through TOP Fashionista Model Search – coffee and beyond

  1. Being part of the fashion show is really tiring, I have a friend who really spend money for hotel and transportation pag may show anak niya, she lives outside NCR kasi pero gusto niya talaga para mawala hiya ng anak niya. πŸ™‚


  2. I think I would also be hesitant at first hehe! But I think that’s good that your little lady knows what she wants and it’s nice that you support it! But hey we’re moms and that’s what we do! πŸ˜‰ Good luck to your little lady πŸ™‚


  3. It’s good that your daughter knows that she really wants it. Judging by the training, it’s no easy work! πŸ™‚ Good luck to her and to the ever supportive mom behind her back. πŸ™‚


  4. Wow! It’s pretty awesome that your daughter has the support (emotionally and financially) that she gets form you. I too once pursued this career, a few months after I gave birth to my daughter and a few weeks before I started to blog. I had to stop though because the expenses were feeding my mommy guilt, I’d feel guilty that I should’ve bought something for my daughter instead of trying to go to a go-see/audition, only to be sent back home with a resounding home.. KKLK lang talga… Although I had the support of my husband/bestfriend, it wasn’t enough to reassure me, hence I just went to writing… But if given a chance (and the money for workshops and auditions), I would totally do it all again. πŸ™‚


    1. This is what we do best, support our kids. Sometimes, if it’s really your passion, the happiness within is really different when you get to do what you really love to do. Nakakatuwa that you were able to experience it too.


  5. Kudos to you for being a superstar supportive mommy! Your daughter is so pretty. She actually looks a bit like my friend who is a professional model. I think commercials are really looking for facial features like hers!


    1. Thanks Maan. I hope she makes it on her first quest. But, regardless if she doesn’t, it’s still a great experience for her. I would love to see her in commercials. Talk about stage mom here. Lol!


  6. Your daughter is beautiful! πŸ™‚ I think mothers in this day and age are much more open to letting kids pursue for their dreams. I don’t have a daughter (yet) but I’m sure I will also be proud of her, no matter what she becomes. Update us on her journey! πŸ™‚


  7. Yes, super mahirap nga. Kalyo and sakit ng paa ang result. I remember using stilletos in a company party, after a few minutes of walking in the venue, I removed it and walked around in my bare feet. Hahaha!


  8. What moms would do to support their kids’ passions! My kids are not into modelling but I also do my best to help them explore their areas of interests and to develop their skills and passions. Good luck to your daughter!


  9. Best of luck to your pretty daughter! Such a Pinay beauty and a go-getter. πŸ™‚ Last time I wore a 5-incher was during my wedding two years ago. Enjoy the next saturdays, dear.


  10. Awww she’s very pretty! And I think she is perfect for high fashion photography. Is it okay if I get her as my model for my future photoshoot? πŸ™‚


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