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Stilletos Journey: 2nd Modeling Workshop for TOP Fashionista Model Search – coffee and beyond

We braved commuting to the workshop venue last Saturday, as we didn’t like to bother Dad in taking us. But, he did take us to the nearest MRT station.

From MRT in Quezon Ave., we rode a jeep to Fisher Mall and another jeep ride to Frisco. We arrived early as usual. The Faces of Fashion (a different contest) contestants were still doing their workshop but it was okay to watch and wait.

In the second workshop, Andrey already has a friend. Ate Elija as she calls her, an 18-year-old young lady from Sta. Rosa, Laguna. An only girl from a sibling of 3, where her elderΒ kuya’s would want to see her be lady like because of her boyish moves. She also goes with her Mom every Saturday just like us.

Andrey or Alex to her friends on the right and new-found friend Elija on the left.

What I like about having these kind of activities allows you to gain more friends. Know different people from different places. Some of the candidates hail from Laguna, Cavite, Manila, Taguig City, Quezon City, Bulacan, and Pangasinan. Imagine how far they have to travel for this workshop except for the one from Pangasinan which I assume is now staying here in the Metro.

Did you miss the first workshop story? Read here.

Learning begins again!

One hard bound book and a can of condensed milk is the instrument used in their drill. This is used to have a good posture and balance. Β There were books and cans that fall over and over again. Probably, because their balance were not good enough to maintain it on top of their heads. Thus, more practice is needed to get it right.

Training Time

While watching them do their thing, you will notice who’s competitive and who’s not. There are candidates whose confidence are notable because of previous experiences. There are those who needs a power boost to make them stand out from the crowd and also those that seems to have very low esteem.

My Andrey is not far from the stand out contestants but is still striving her best to absorb everything that her coaches teach them. A little boost of confidence is needed as she said she was a bit nervous in the introduction part. Nevertheless, she will gain that needed boost as we continue with her practice. Anyway, as the saying says “Practice makes PERFECT”.

Formal Walk

Formal walk was the focus during the session. This is the walk you make when wearing something formal.

Overlap, overlap, overlap, as you walk slowly towards the front. Pose, pose, walk back to the middle, then pose, then back to front, then pose, then walk back to exit. They call it the 1 1/2 walk if I’m not mistaken.

Pose pose pose!


Legs should be straight where heels touch the floor first when walking while the other foot supports the body as you land in your toe. Hips must be moved a little bit forward when walking while hips swing sharp. Facial expressions will also depend on what kind of walk you do. In this case, a poker facial expression is required.

Training with coach Ysa
With coaches Dianara on the left and Ysa on the right.

The Couture

Talking about the formal walk, this walk is used when using formal dress/gown. The TOP Fashionista girl candidates were assigned to wear vintage dress and modern Filipiniana gown for the finale.

We had many thoughts about it as we were trying to suppress expenses. We tried to find a gown to rent. But because the color that was assigned to us is not always a choice of many, it was hard to find a good one. So, we landed to having it tailored.

We found a shop in Pasig that offered their services at a lower price compared to other shops. And what excites us is–the designer will be the one to make the gown. Hurray! I’m expecting a simple yet stunning gown for the event. I will tell you about the shop on a different post once the gown is finished.

Andrey’s stilletos journey is becoming more interesting as the day of the event is fast approaching. As of now, we are trying to find a Philippines festival hair dressΒ to be used in their first walk. I hope to find one the soonest.

Until my next update!



36 thoughts on “Stilletos Journey: 2nd Modeling Workshop for TOP Fashionista Model Search – coffee and beyond

    1. Hi May! Yellow yung color ng gown nya and it can’t have any other color, even the designs have to be yellow. It’s easier if it’s blue or red sana. She’s one of the prettiest amongst the contestants of course, (from a Mom’s perspective, hahaha) but she really isπŸ˜‰. It’s super layo from us. But, I can’t complain kasi there are those coming from farther places. This is what we do best, be on the side as they conquer their dreams.😊


  1. You have a beautiful daughter! Modelling, that was one of my dreams when I was young, but unfortunately, was not blessed much with enough height! Haha

    My younger daughter used to join modelling/competition too when she’s still a toddler, but was not able to continue this passion due to time and distance constraints!

    Goodluck to your daughter! πŸ™‚ Im sure she’ll make you proud! πŸ™‚


    1. I feel you with not being blessed with a height. I’m just glad that their Dad is tall. Hahaha!

      I hope your daughter can still do the same if it’s really her passion. There’s a different sense of fulfillment when you’re doing something you like.

      I’m already proud of her regardless if she wins or loose. I just want her to enjoy the moment. That extra good luck wil kick more excitement on the big day! Thank you! 😊


  2. You look like your daughter and she’s pretty. And look at those heels πŸ™‚ ang ganda tingnan lahat. My daughter wants to be a model-doctor someday (as she calls it) and surely mag-eenjoy siya sa ganitong workshop. Andrey will make you and her dad proud. Good luck Andrey.


    1. Hahaha! I’ll wait for her reaction when she reads this! LOL! Oh definitely yes! She will enjoy every bit of the workshop. Nakakatuwa nga yung mga bata na nagworkshop din. Ang cute nila. Andrey will definitely make us prouder than we are now. Salamat!😊


    1. Awww. Don’t worry Mommy about being manang. She’ll bloom I know. My kids likes kikay and look pretty and girly stuff. Kahit hindi ko turuan they check it in youtube. Actually, yung eldest ko pa nagturo sakin magkilay. Hahaha! She will love the workshop for sure.😊


    1. I tried it last December during our year end party. I was so confident to use it. When I arrived at the venue, I saw multiple stair before you can sit. OMG! You know what.. I ended walking around on bare foot! Hahaha!


  3. Reminds me of my younger age. Lol! Not with the workshop, though kasi can’t afford kami dati. Hahaha. You are like my mom, very supportive with us her daughters. I remember nung high shool ako, when I used to join beauty pageants, very hands on ang mom ko. Kulang na lang sya rumampa. Hahaha. This is actually a good start for your daughter, especially when building her confidence. How tall is she ba? And she’s gorgeous ha. Ako dati dream ko ang maging runway model. Kaso kinulang sa height so hanggang photography/image model nlang since puede matrick ang height. Although I’ve tried na rumampa din naman paminsan. :p


    1. Oh I feel your Mom. You get this certain fulfillment when you see your kid on stage. Kulang na lang talaga na Mommy na ang rumampa. Hahaha!

      Andrey is 5’4″ now I think. But, she’s just 15, I hope dumagdag pa ang height.

      Sana nakakabili din ng height nuh? Papakyawin ko talaga. Hahaha!


  4. Oh my gosh, I’ve never had enough confidence wearing a stilleto! Good thing there are workshops like this. I will have to try the hardbound book and a can on top of the head. I have a very bad posture kasi due to scoliosis na rin. Maybe practicing or doing that trick will help me somehow. πŸ™‚


  5. Sana magkaroon din ako daughter kagaya nya soon! Good job for being supportive on her dreams. Pangarap ko din maging model nun pero I have this bad posture 😦 Pero sana meron din ganito workshop for Moms like us. Para ang sarap matutunan yung walk ng mga models. Anyway Good luck to your daughter. πŸ™‚


  6. Ooh, I can’t wait to see the finished gown! I’m sure it’ll look super nice on your daughter. Watching her walk on those really high shoes makes me shudder. Haha. I used to not mind very high heels. That is until I had kids. Nowadays, I can’t even last an hour with those on.


    1. I’m excited for it, too. I’d like it simple but elegant to wear. I hope I don’t get disappointed though. Fingers crossed!

      I actually don’t know how other women can stand wearing those heels when it hurts a lot! Maybe I can just wear them when seated. Hahaha!


  7. Oh I love workshops, masaya marami kang bagong kaibigan na makilala at higit sa lahat marami kang matutunan. Last 2012-2013 we have our performing arts also in our church and I’l be the one who caters and teach workshops kaylangan healthy ka lagi at dapat naka focus.


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