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Coffee and Beyond: Stilletos journey the last rehearsal — TOP Fashionista model search 2016

As the big day fast approaches, the more exciting it gets for all of us. And, it gets a little more intense on the practice.

Yesterday was the last rehearsal. We brought with us the headdress and the Filipiniana gown and the stilletos that she’s using. Imagine how bulky the things we were carrying.

TOP Fashionista
Picture taking while waiting for the rehearsal to start.

This time a new venue was used for the rehearsals since they won’t fit in the old place that they used for their workshop. They used a dance studio which is The Blue Light Studio in Kamuning Rd., QC. which is far bigger in space.


We again took the MRT train going to the venue to avoid the traffic. It was a Saturday so we didn’t have to worry about long lines compared to weekdays.


The production number was set. Positions, blockings and choreography are in place at this time. They were also asked to wear their headdress to practice their walk and how they can adjust to fit in between walks and not have problems in inserting  between  fellow contestants.


They are all fast learners. They have mastered every step they’ve been taught. There were dancers and the not so good dancers like my Andrey. Hahaha! But, it was still great.


I’m hoping that there will be no fall accident during the big day. Today, there were a couple of falls during the practice. It got me bothered as they can get injured if they accidentally slide. What I did with Andrey’s shoes, I placed a rubber sheet under the shoes to make it rough on the floor and prevent her from slipping. I asked Dad to reinforce the glue–it peeled off yesterday and it can’t peel off again. Better be safe than sorry.

They also wore the gowns to practice how to walk in it. But, I won’t show it to you just yet–suspense! Look out for my next pose to see it! **wink**


It rained on our way home. With the bulk of stuff without an umbrella, we were soaking wet. Did I mention that my 7-year-old son Aeon was with us! I was worried–I didn’t want them to catch colds and flu.

When we arrived home, got relieved that the things were dry. And we were already dry too! Hahaha! Andrey had her make up trials with her Ate Colyn before going to bed. My eldest didn’t want to just do the make up without the trials to see which make up will be used in every segment. They went to bed super late.

As I write my update, they are now preparing for the event! Yes, today is the big day. So, I think I have to end my article here–need to prepare also.

Watch out for my event blog soon! Excited mommy here! Ciao!



23 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond: Stilletos journey the last rehearsal — TOP Fashionista model search 2016

  1. Damn those heels! Hehe! Kudos to these ladies for walking in them for a long period of time, and even dancing! Di ko keri. Hehe! Good luck to you, your daughter and to everyone in the model search! Will be waiting for the event’s blog post 😉


  2. OMG, today is the big event! I’m so excited and happy for you! Well, I’m sure finished na when you read thia post. So how did it go? Okay, okay, I’ll wait for you next post. 🙂


  3. My feet hurts just looking at those high heels, I admire your daughter for being able to endure them! Kudos also to the very supportive mommy! I would love to see your pictures of the big event!


  4. Belated congratulations to your “model.” I’m sure she had the time of her life, and syempre, the mommy is super proud also. This is a nice workshop that enhances a teens’ self confidence. 🙂


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