Coffee and Beyond: Tiny Buds for your little tots

What mommies are looking for in products for their little ones are normally the safety and convenience in using. Since babies and toddlers have the most sensitive skin of all, we wouldn’t want to just use any unproven brands.

Last week, I received my Tiny Buds products from Lazada for review. A red bag containing a couple of very useful stuff. I picked it up in BGC and thanks to Mico, I didn’t need to go up their office as he waited for me at the ground floor of the building.

When I arrived home, immediately my kids opened the bag and little did I notice that the picture I’ve taken lacks 2 items. Hahaha! Kids!

Tiny Buds natural baby products are all made from natural ingredients and is free from toxic and irritating materials. As I have noticed, all products are made to carefully meet our babies needs.

Tiny Buds Hand Sanitizer. Apologies, the bottle is not full anymore as my kids love to sanitize their hands with it.

To give you an example, let’s have a closer look at their Sticky Hand Wipes. The product comes Paraben free, Alcohol free, food safe and unscented. This product also contains Vitamin E and Chamomile to calm and soothe baby’s skin. As all of us moms know that babies and tots normally place their fingers in their mouth. So, this is such a relief to know that they are safe after wiping.

Baby Products
Tiny Buds Sticky Hand Wipes

Another product that I like is the Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder. You read it right, Rice Powder! This is Talc-free, so no worries of the danger that talc can do. The powder is 100% real rice grains, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. It is also rich in protein and amino acids that provide natural UV protection for babies delicate skin.

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

These are just few of the products of Tiny Buds. There are a more natural products to choose from for our little ones.  I’m always on the look out for natural products for my family and for my readers. It’s always a must now a days specially that there are a lot of harmful products in the market, to look for safe and useful products. Tiny Buds is one of the products that I recommend.

Tiny Buds is manufactured for Conway Innovations LLC., GU, USA and distributed by C’SCOR Global Intertrade Corp., Manila, Philippines.

For more product info and whole product line you may visit

You may purchase this products by sets at They currently offer discounts for Tiny Buds.

Have you tried Tiny Buds? I’ll be happy to hear your experience.


2 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond: Tiny Buds for your little tots

  1. Excited to get mine tomorrow. Hahaha. I agree, Tiny Buds is so gentle to baby’s skin. Our little one get got rashes before for using a well known brand. We switched to Tiny Buds and i could see he is also happy with the decision. Their sponge is so maganda!


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