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Coffee and Beyond: Family Fun Day with Carla Kusinera at The Maya Kitchen

Such a great way to bond with your family on a stormy Saturday through baking at The Maya Kitchen. Yes, we braved the rain yesterday for the Maya Baking Workshop and not an inch did we regret going.

The workshop was intended for families. Thus, 4 families were able to attend including ours. Each family was assigned a working area and we were assigned to Table #1.


We had 3 recipes to prepare. (1) Strawberry Shortcake (2) Triple Chocolate Cookies and (3) Fried Oreos. We were so excited to learn how to make them. But, more than the excitement, I was very happy that my kids will be able to experience how it is to bake.

First Recipe



1 pack   MAYA Oven Toaster Butter Cake

1/4 cup softened butter

2 pcs  eggs

1/2 cup water


2 cups  non-dairy whip cream

1/2 cup strawberry jam

200 grams strawberries

Prepare Cake

1. Preheat oven. Grease a 6×3 baking pan.

2. Mix all ingredients for the butter cake. Pour into prepared pans.

3. Bake for 15 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Let it cool.

Prepare Frosting

1. Whip cream and set aside.

2. Unmold cake and slice into three. Put strawberry jam in between then put whip cream and slices of strawberries.

3. Repeat for 2nd and 3rd layer. Finally, frost your cake with whip cream and garnish with strawberries. Chill it before serving.

The kids were so eager in mixing the ingredients. I made them do most of the preparation so they can make the most out of it. I was just on the side to supervise and help out when needed.


We had a hard time melting the butter in the mixture because of the cool temperature in the kitchen. Thus, almost all of us took turns in beating. It took us a long time mixing. However, it didn’t stop us from giving it our best shot.


So, after mixing everything, our mixture goes to the oven. Thus, the next recipe was in line.

Second Recipe


3/4 cup  vegetable oil

3/4 cup  brown sugar

3/4 cup refined sugar

3 pcs   egg

1 tsp  vanilla extract

1/4 cup  liquid glucose

1 tsp  baking soda

2 1/2 cups  MAYA All-Purpose Flour

1/4 tablespoon  salt

1/2 cup  cocoa powder

1 1/2 cup  milk chocolate chips

1 1/2 cup dark or bittersweet chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven at 350F. Grease and line cookie sheet/s.

2. In a bowl, beat vegetable oil, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and liquid glucose. Stir until smooth and blended.

3. In another bowl combine the flour, baking soda, salt, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Add the flour mixture to liquid mixture. Mix well.

4. Drop cookie dough using an ice cream scooper 2 inches apart from each other.

5. Bake for 9 to 11 minutes or until sides are darker in color. The center of the cookies should be soft.

The dough was a bit hard to combine because of its dry composition. The kids had to use their hands with plastic gloves to fully mix it. And of course the kids were happy to man handle it! It got very messy and guess what? I thought the mixture won’t make it to the oven as they were already eating it. Hahaha!

Each of them were able to experience scooping the cookie dough using an ice cream scooper and placing it in the aluminum tray for baking.

We were able to make 24 big pcs of triple chocolate balls from the cookie dough mixture! Hurray!

@CarlaKusinera assisting us with the cookie dough spacing!

While waiting for the cookies from the oven. And waiting for the cake to cool off, we proceeded to making the last recipe.

Third Recipe


1 pc medium size  egg

2 tablespoons  oil

1/2 cup  water

1 pack 200g   MAYA Original Fluffy n’ Tasty Hotcake Mix

1 pack  Oreos

chocolate syrup

oil for frying

1. Beat egg slightly in a bowl, add in oil, water and hotcake mix. (Do not over mix.)

2. Dip Oreos then fry until light golden brown.

3. Serve with chocolate syrup.

This was the easiest of all the recipes but I needed to step in because of the frying. My daughter Andrey was the most excited for this because she loves Oreos. And her Ate Colyn used to cook fried Oreos with a different mixture so she somewhat knows how it will taste. I allowed her to help me fry since she’s grown up to handle it until we were done frying.

Andrey and her favorite Oreos with MAYA Original Fluffy n’ Tasty Hotcake Mix!

Then, my most awaited cake decorating moment came! And there was a contest for the best cake decoration. I allowed the kids to put the cream but needed help since they can’t create a nice coverage on the cake. So, tadan! My time to shine has come! I gave it my best thus, perseverance yields reward

Best Cake Decoration winner photo with @CarlaKusinera!😁😁😁
Our first ever cake creation with LOVE!

We won the best cake and received a prize for it! We were all given a goodie bag with Maya products and Masflex Cookware & Kitchenware products and I was so happy with it! But, I was happier to see what’s inside the additional bag for winning the game. Additional Masflex induction pan where I can easily cook my pancakes and more! And also, additional Maya products! Wow! I love it! There will be more happy breakfasts for the kiddos!

We were able to bring home everything we cooked. Heavenly! I still have cookies for the rainy days! Remember, we made 24 pcs. Not easy to eat all of it at one time! Hahaha! Don’t ask about the cake and the fried Oreos. The box was all cleaned up! It was so yummy!


Baking/ cooking is indeed a great way to bond with your kids. It’s never a boring activity to do. Plus, you get to eat what you cooked after! With MAYA products, a mommy like me who don’t know much about baking doesn’t have to worry too much about the know how because it is so easy to prepare as you can see on the recipe, and it taste really good.

My youngest is already asking me to cook him fried hotdog waffles tomorrow. And I think, I’m gonna give in to that request. I’m just wondering where Andrey kept the MAYA original Fluffy n’ Tasty Hotcake Mix that came in our goodie bag so I can use my new Masflex pan to fry it. She said she’ll make another batch of fried Oreos for her to sell. Thus, I think I won’t be able to find it. Lol!

I’m sending my warm thanks to The Maya Kitchen for having us in your workshop, my kids will always remember the experience. We had a lot of fun. And I think the families who attended the workshop can also say the same.

To Ms. Melissa, thank you and till the next event. I hope that more families will also step forward and enjoy workshops like what we had. Workshops are fun ways of learning new and useful skills and I bet that they will not regret enrolling into one.

To the sponsor,  Masflex Cookware & Kitchenware you made this mommy so happy with the kitchen items. Thank you!

And to Carla Kusinera, thank you for sharing your talent in baking. You and your daughter rock! She can bake at her age of 8! Two thumbs up!

For more info about The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center, you may visit their website at

Or you may call them at (02) 892-5011 loc. 108 | mobile #0929-6796102 | fax # 892-1185 | email add:

To my readers, what can you say about our end product? Have you used MAYA brand? How was the experience? I’d love to hear your story, too!



18 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond: Family Fun Day with Carla Kusinera at The Maya Kitchen

  1. This is pure fun! Nice! 🙂 Ugh, I’m not gifted when it comes to baking pero sana di pa huli ang lahat. Pag meron na kami oven, perhaps I can start learning to bake. lol. Btw, I’m sorry I didn’t realize it was you during Yael’s birthday. I can relate, minsan nahihiya din ako mag approach ng ibang bloggers. haha. I had to put on my glasses pa at that time kasi sobrang labo ng paningin ko. I hope to see you again! 🙂


  2. This seems like a great experience ❤ I would usually use Maya for baking / cooking so I know how it feels like to do this. But one day, what I wish is that my son, hubby and I do a cooking workshop together 🙂


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