Coffee and Beyond: STEEP Coffee Bags and Chef Didier’s Organic Jams and Leche Flan

I started loving coffee a couple of years back. Before, I didn’t bother drinking it on a daily basis and I only buy if it’s the cold one with cream. You know what I mean.

I’m  a little picky in terms of coffee. I don’t like instant like what you can easily buy from a convenient store because of the aroma that sticks to your urine. I don’t know what artificial stuff they put in there that the strong aroma doesn’t fade even if you load up with water.

So, how can I say NO to an afternoon of coffee and sweets when you know that the coffee you’ll be having is very interesting plus you get to eat Chef Didier’s organic jams and leche flan?

Let me share with you the products that I’ve discovered in this intimate gathering.

STEEP Coffee Bags, ground coffee in luxury bags

STEEP Coffee Bags was founded by young entrepreneur Justin Bereber in 2015. They offer the taste, aroma and convenience you get from Coffee Shops with just a coffee bag and hot water–eliminating the need for the long process in preparing brewed coffee and saving you electricity in using coffee makers.


STEEP uses biodegradable coffee bags, which are thin to provide good flow of water inside when being prepared. You get that rich, freshly brewed coffee instantly in a new genius way of brewing.


Drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee should be easy and convenient without the need for anything more than hot water. They believe that quality and convenience must go hand in hand and should not be limited by location.

My Peppermint Brewed Coffee with Cream! This is a variant soon to be made available in the market!

The brand also believes in socially responsible coffee sourcing. They provide a variety of coffee beans, ethically sourced in the Philippines–patronizing locally-grown coffee thus, improving the lives of our fellow Filipino coffee farmers.

What I like about this coffee, though it is instant, the effect is not like the ordinary powdered one. You get that quality brewed coffee with the taste that you get from coffee shops and maybe even better.

For more info visit

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STEEP Coffee Bags

contact them at

Mobile: +63-915-905-69-69


Chef Didier’s Organic Jams and Leche Flan

My sweet tooth got satisfied when Chef Didier Derout took over the rest of our afternoon.

Chef Didier is one of our brilliant pastry Chefs around. Earned his degree in Chambre des Metiers C.F.A. de Versailles. Previously worked at Novotel Manila, Araneta Center Hotel and Hyatt Regency Dubai. He currently owns Brazil Spa in Makati together with his wife Merna.


He featured two kinds of Jams, the Tindok Jam which is a banana jam and Pineapple Jam. The raw materials are sourced from his wife’s hometown, Leyte. And is carefully picked to provide the best quality products.


A demo on how to make a crepe was showcased using the jams. The two variants were used for us to taste it. And, if I may say, it’s the best tasting crepe I’ve tasted so far.


Another product that they shared with us is the organic  Leche Flan which comes in different flavors,  Callebaut Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter.

Organic Leche Flan made by Chef Didier

What I like about their products, they are all natural–aside from being very tasty.

For orders and inquiries, you may call

(02) 245-4060 / (0921) 572-8408

Or visit Brazil Spa at Prince Plaza 1, Unit G7, Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

The afternoon was all sweet and we all had a good time meeting new friends. The coffee paired with the best tasting desserts  was perfect!

Fellow bloggers with Chef Didier and Merna.

I will try making the crepe like what Chef Didier did. It tasted different, very tasty. I once tried eating crepe in Boracay, but I didn’t like it. So, I have to master how Chef made it. It was simple when I was watching him. Lol!

What can you say about this event? I hope you enjoyed reading!


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