Coffee and Beyond: Nutri 10 Plus Syrup Review

I am a mom of 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy. The two are already teenagers and the other 2 ages 11 and 7.

I didn’t have problems making 2 of them eat specially when they were younger (my eldest Colyn and my 3rd daughter Zam). They would always eat plenty. I love it when they do that, it means they liked what I’ve prepared for them.

However, I remember my second daughter Andrey to be very picky when it comes to eating. Your BP could reach its peak but she will not eat and just cry when the food is not appealing to her. Forcing her to eat will not have an effect on her thus, will just make you angrier. We gave her vitamins of different sorts but it didn’t help until she outgrew her pickiness. Now, I’m wondering where she puts all she eats with her  slim casing. I’m thinking if the vitamins I gave her is just kick’n in? Lol!

Now is my bunso’s (youngest) turn. This young man at age 7 is an on and off eating machine. Eats well when boost with the right vitamins. Turns off at times and is very hard to force eat. He would always want to eat sausages, hotdogs, and luncheon meat. The not healthy kind of food is what he’ll ask from you.

I’ve tried different brands but it didn’t work. Then, I’ve tried a chewable vitamins which cost way higher than the usual brands you see in stores. I and Auntie (house help) noticed how well he eats. He even asked for food and complains if Auntie is taking time to prepare our meal. Isn’t it amazing? I was so happy! But, as I’ve said that the brand is priced higher. So, when budget doesn’t allow, I’m unable to repurchase.

Auntie would say “Ibili mo kaya ulit si Aeon nung vitamins na inoorder mo, kesa dito sa iniinom nya ( a well-known brand).” I know it had great effects and I really want to buy again. Aeon is an active child. He doesn’t just sit around and watch TV the whole day. He prefers running, biking, playing with friends and swinging in the monkey bar until his hands get rough. He has a slim packed body like his Ate Andrey, but very heavy. With his daily activities, school and play, I like to see that he eats well. But, this time, I like him to eat well, grow tall and at the same time do good in school. So, I was in the look out for good supplements, something that will offer me the same effect as the old one but with lesser price.

A couple of weeks ago, Nutri 10 Plus Syrup came to our doorstep. And since I was in a look out for new vitamins, I was happy to give it a try. Aeon loves to drink vitamins because he sees it in commercials most of the time. He was excited when he saw it and hurriedly took his medicine cup. It was timely that the vitamins that my Mom got for him had run out.

#Nutri10PlusSyrup in my #bloggermail

I allowed him to consume it for a couple of weeks to observe the effect on my kids before I blog about it. Of course, you’ll never know if it’s effective or not if you only take it for a short time. I wanted to have a good eye on the results rather than giving advance and unsure conclusion.

I didn’t have problems in having him take it because he proactively gets his Nutri 10 Plus Syrup and his medicine cup so he can take it before leaving to school plus the vitamins has a Poncan flavor which he loves. And when he forgets to take it, he immediately takes it when I ask him if he’s done with his vitamins anytime of day.

Check out the nutritional information! It’s good to always check the label! I’ve heard that line before but it’s true

So far, I like how he is now.

1. Aeon is still active as he is. (Inborn yata to. Hahaha!) But, still have the energy till night time even if he played a lot or was so busy during the day.

2. Eats well, asks for more servings, which is good.

3. Can’t wait for the food to be served and complains when hungry like a lot of times during the day. And asks for bread even before bedtime. Not usual for him. Not unless you’re in a mall. He’s always hungry there even if you’ve just arrived in the area. I think most kids are.

4. I’m not sure if he still needs more vitamin C though, he has stuffy nose last night and he was tumbling left and right and was complaining about it.

So, as far as Aeon is concerned, I like how his appetite plus his energy got a good boost. I see that he’s getting the food magnet that he got from his chewables. So, thumbs up for that. I still can’t say if it contributes to his height yet since it’s too early to say. But, I guess we’ll know that in a matter of a few months of regularly drinking it.

The effects of Nutri 10 Plus is good to Aeon. However, as always, what works for us may not always work the same for your kid. It’s always good to try it first before making conclusions, because in trying you discover more. This time, based on the effects of Nutri 10 Plus to Aeon, I definitely recommend this vitamins to all kids ages 1-12 years old.

Aeon and Zam after drinking their dose of #Nutri10Plus Syrup. We used a spoon to take it because we left the med cup home and we stayed at MommyLola’s house for the weekend.

My 3rd daughter since she’s just 11 is also taking the vitamins. But since she has a good appetite ever since and is very tall at her age, I can’t really point the effect on her. So far, she’s steady in terms of her health and I don’t see her having colds at this moment even if I have. I think that’s a good thing.

We will continue consuming the 3 bottles we’ve received from #WERT Philippines to see the effect on a continued basis. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank WERT Philippines, INC. for sending the vitamins over. Thank you also to Mommy Bloggers Ph for making this possible. May God bless us all.

Will you take your chance with Nutri 10 Plus Syrup like I did? Or have you found the vitamins that works best for your kid? Your stories are welcome here.



25 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond: Nutri 10 Plus Syrup Review

  1. My son is not fond of eating food, pag di niya favorite napipilitan lang din kumain. I’ve tried so many vitamins and mahal pa nga ng iba pero hindi talaga nagboost appetite niya. I just need to accept the fact na pang desserts lang ang appetite niya. lol


  2. Good for you mommy! I also have a positive feedback from my aunt’s 7-year old son. He used to be skinny, and when I gave her two bottles of Nutri 10 plus, his appetite changed. Months later he gained weight and some tummy fats. 🙂


  3. My 10-year old is taking Nutri10 Plus. Just the other day, I asked him if he feels any chances upon taking Nutri10 Plus. He emphasized that he is taller than his usual height. Ihihi. He really checks on his height from time to time. His appetite, as I could observe, is still the same. He is also very energetic just like before. Perhaps its too early to check on the progress but So far I am loving Nutri10 Plus for him.


  4. My kids have a tendency to really be magana only when they like the food. I’m letting them try Nutri10 also. It’s just been a few days though so I’m still observing.


  5. Good thing mommy, you have found the right vitamins for your kids. Ang baby ko naman masarap kumain kaya ang katawan simula baby until now that she’s 15months old, medyo chubby parin. Sana hanggang paglaki hindi maging picky eater 🙂


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