Jonas Pares: Famous line “pares nga” is now in BGC!

Back in the province, there is this place that we normally go to eat. The place offers simple food that me and my hubby tends to eat over and over again. They call it Pares there. It’s a set of food that comes with a soup. I miss it and wanted to dine again when we went home once, just to find out that the store had closed.

Pares, meaning pair has been a favorite meal to many. Garlic rice paired with a saucy beef dish that comes with a soup is the set meal.

Been longing for pares for a long time but I didn’t know where to find one. There are those sold in the streets but it was different, it was more like a soupy beef dish. So, I remained broken-hearted longing for the dish.

Last September 30, I got invited for a food tasting at Jonas Pares in BGC. And though I have work on a Friday, I made sure to make it amidst the terrible traffic. The word Pares immediately caught my attention and I didn’t want to miss it.

According to Lolly Tiu, owner of Jonas Pares, their Pares is a Chinese beef stew dish. The term pares originated when she started cooking the dish and selling it carenderia style and  her customers will just call out “pares” and they would automatically know what to serve.


The history of Jonas Pares is actually a scratch to riches story and a very inspiring one. Her kids went to the best schools here and abroad because of her cooking according to the owner’s friend Ms. Dee.


Jonas Pares in BGC is their newest branch. And this time, they offer a full service Restaurant as compared to other branches. Other than the Original JONAS Pares, they also offer different dishes like Chicken Salted Egg Yolk which they serve way before the salted egg flavor got the attention of our culinary enthusiasts.

Food on our table!

I was also surprised with the size of their Jumbo Siopao! Jonas Pares was true to the word Jumbo! It was big indeed and one of their best sellers.

The price is pretty fair. Serving is very generous. If you are really hungry and has a monstrous appetite, this is a place to be. I was so hungry when I ate because I was so tired with travel and walking to the venue that I could eat a cow– I was able to finish my meal. Of course I got myself their best seller Original JONAS Pares. And oh! You have to try their Kikiam and the Salmon!

Original JONAS Pares


Their Lechon Paksiw was also good! I got to share this with my hubby John and the Jumbo Siopao, too! I was supposed to eat it at the restaurant just to taste it but John texted me that he was already near to fetch me. And since I’ve already ordered it, I can’t just leave it behind especially that I wanted to taste it. So, I had to ask one of the servers to just have it packed for me instead. Of course I didn’t want to leave it behind.


If you’re not into eating rice, don’t worry. They also serve sandwiches and salad. I wasn’t able to try their sandwiches though, I hesitated to order

it, not because it wasn’t good but because I was worried if I can finish eating it before hubby comes since I’ve  already ordered an additional dish after the Pares meal. I’m a slow eater, my office friends knows this. Hahaha! And true enough, I wasn’t able to even take the first bite when John came.

On a Friday night, the restaurant offers an acoustic night for diners. Dine with live music that gives a soothing relief from a week of hard work. As I can recall, the music sessions starts around 7pm. And to excite the singer in you, you can jam and unleash the diva in one of their sessions.


I was also happy with the fast service that they provide. The servers were all very helpful. Often times diners go back to dine when food is good and when service is great. I myself look for great service all the time.

Now, when I’m craving for Pares, I know where I can have one.

I’d like to thank the owner of Jonas Pares, Ms. Lolly for the great experience! I’m looking forward to visit Zong Restaurant next time!

Visit Jonas Pares at the Fort Strip, BGC, Taguig City. Be a frequent diner and get discounts by downloading their App!

Scan the CODE!


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