Press Release

Harringtons Lifestyle Auction: Treasures of the Century

Auction is defined as a public sale of goods or property which is sold to the highest bidder. Thus, when we hear the word auction, this would automatically give us an idea that goods that will be sold here will be battled off by interested bidders up to the highest price.

Most of the time items sold in an auction are rare pieces or has a great sentimental value in history. To discerning buyers, avid collectors and bidders, this is not just a commercial event but a serious yet artful business of bidding that Harringtons Lifestyle Auction fully understand. They take bidding to a whole new level by elevating it to an experience.

The highly anticipated Harringtons Lifestyle Auction billed as “Treasures of the Century” is set to happen on November 12, 2016, 2pm at the 5th floor of Century City Mall, Makati City.

The auction will feature an extensive collection of excellent, authentic and well-curated collection of vintages set of furnitures and sophisticated artworks of acclaimed and prolific artists such as national artist Abdul Imao, Napoleon Abueva, Victorino Edades, Benedicto Cabrera, Romulo Olazo, and Jorge Pineda.

The auction will also include over fifty remarkable prized and vintage owned by avid collector and national hero Jose Rizal descendant Dina Velasco.

Escritoire desk
Avid collector Dina Velasco is off to auction this vintage ‘Escritoire’ desk.

“We enjoy the history behind each purchase. It’s great to be surrounded by things that go back centuries. I’m wonderfully amazed of the thought that most of these objects have travelled far and have been passed through generations before landing in my home. I think it’s terrific.” – Dina Velasco by Living Annual

Also highlighted in the auction are captivating art wood mosaic pieces by Bagac Wood Mosaic Artists that consists of a group of people from Bagac, Bataan who used to be farmer and who thrives to pursue art as a living and make a name for their hometown amidst the difficulties of poverty.

Faith and art meet at the upcoming Harringtons Lifestyle Auction.

Artist Eduardo Castrillo’s intricately designed crusifix is also one of the highlights of Harringtons Lifestyle Auction. The 18″x29″ delicately sculptured bronze Crucifix is the artist’s way of honoring the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


For more details about the auction, please contact the following,

Cila – 0917-873-1596
Dan – 0998-998-4321
Mafae – 0917-512-7251



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