Town 82K: The Vegetarian Cookie

In between work and play, I’m a person who often times likes to eat. We all do I think. People loves to eat in all cases and circumstances. Not unless you are sick and tasteless or in a diet.

For people who are very specific with the food they eat. It’s really a good trait that we become careful of what we put in our mouth because in time, it will have a great effect in our health.

In snacking, rather than eating chips, a good option aside from eating fruits, is biscuit. I like eating biscuits and it’s always a pleasure to eat specially when you only need to eat light snacks or when you are in strict diet.

But did you know that biscuits contains egg most of the time? So, to those allergic to poultry products, this is not a good option because it may trigger the allergy. But, I’m happy to share with you a new-found biscuit product that is egg free.


The Town 82K Vegetarian Cookies a product of The Cookie Factory has no added egg plus it tastes really good. It has around 16 varieties in all and can be bought in Rustan’s Supermarket for around 86 pesos depending on the variety. The product is made in Malaysia (well, that’s what the box says. Lol) which makes it imported.


I got a chance to taste it when Ms. Grace Nicolas gave me 2 boxes to try. And had my splurge when I won a bag full of it from a raffle from Travel Eat Pinas blog giveaway. My kids really loved it as well as my Mom. You can tell from Aeon’s photo. We can’t have enough of it. My all time favorite is the Wholemeal Raisin and the Biscotti though each box offers a different experience.

I’m sure you will love it as much as we did. It’s a good combination of healthy and tasty snack. Best with coffee too!


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