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Junior Preneur 2016 at The Pioneer Market

How does big business men grow up to be like how they are now? They all started from a dream I’m sure. And from a dream, they’ve worked really hard until they become truly successful. Knowledge, skills and experiences will surely be factors of their success. Then how can we make our kids be successful as the big ones? Of course, by teaching and exposing them to the business.

Junior Preneur

Junior Preneur was founded by Mother Entrepreneurs Cherry S. Genato and Mafae Yunon – Belasco, Bb.Pilipinas -World 2003. They aim to increase financial literacy in the Philippines by introducing the concept of business thru a 1-day program designed to teach kids how to earn money thru hard work, save earnings and share earnings to less fortunate children. Thus, giving you a Special Social Entrepreneurship event: Junior Preneur this December 4th, 2016 at The Pioneer St Market corner Pioneer Street and Reliance (in front of TV5) Mandaluyong, Pasig.

Kids as young as 4 years old will experience a full day of selling exercise where they will learn the value and importance of money.  As a culminating activity, the kids will be awarded with Business Certificates to make this day more symbolic for them.


As treat to kids, Junior Preneur will have their usual WORKSHOP SESSIONS hosted by Linuxprovi8, Global Leaders International School, Mafae Management and BUSA Academy. This Christmas season, this special event will introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship, by converting challenges to assets by opening opportunities to families of differently abled kids of Quality Life Discoveries, an education center for children with special needs.   All attendees will have a chance to share the entrepreneurial experience with their families, friends and community.


It is not all serious work for the kids, this is a day where they can have a memorable experience at The Pioneer St Market. Kids will get surprises from Santa and have their photos taken. Work to earn, save money and share to charity is the thrust of the Junior Preneur Organization.  Junior Preneur envisions Filipino Children to be more business inclined, learn the values of entrepreneurship and improve these as they continue to be interested on becoming a successful entrepreneurs some day.

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