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My INDEX Salon Camella Review

Every Mom deserves a break and pampering once in a while. I am one of those Moms who has been wanting to have her hair done as it is overly unmanageable. I’d like my hair neat, requires less routine–wash and wear.  However, the waiting time is something that I am most challenged. I don’t like the long wait and the boredom I take every time I have my hair fixed. But, for the love of beauty, I forced myself to endure the boredom and take that long overdue trip to the salon.

So, I went to Index Salon Taguig, this salon is located at Camella Homes. I went with 2 goals in mind, (1)have my hair fixed and (2)review it for my readers.

The Branch

The feel of the salon upon your entry is nice and cool because of the wall color of light green and orange. I think they have the same color with other branches. And because the salon is quite new which is about 2 months old, equipments are new. They also have a separate room for the maniped and foot spa services, separating it from the hair services.

The place is very accessible. You may reach it through a Jeepney ride from Pateros or you may get a cab and pass through Levi Mariano road. You may also take a tricycle near Petron C5 going to the area. It’s easy to find since it is very near Vista Mall Taguig.

Salon Experience

As a customer I believe that in every service business, it’s not just the quality of work that’s put in it that matters, but also the experience you get in every visit.

When I first entered the salon I was asked immediately of the service I wanted. And first thing I had in mind was a haircut. So, senior stylist who’s in the picture in black did my hair. He asked of what hair style I wanted, his haircut caught my eye and requested the same in mine. I was a bit uncomfortable that he was never smiling and just continued until he blow dried my hair.


When he was done, I saw my fluffy hair telling me that “you can’t hide me that long!“. Lol! So, I expressed my intention to have it rebonded and asked for the price. I was startled when he was upset at me telling me I should have requested it early so he shouldn’t have blow dried my hair. I got irritated but kept my calm. I was offended with the gesture. I was lucky enough that my gorgeous office mate was there too! Thus, bp went stable while I was chatting with her. Yes, I had second thoughts in continuing the treatment. I got irritated but not to the point of getting angry.

There was a promo for a cheaper rebond treatment posted on the glass wall facing outside but he didn’t offer it. I asked what the promo was, but he said that the mixture for the promos were not available. So, I agreed with the amount he offered me with treatment and color. Of course, I also want to have a nice hair.

By the way, the assistant who washed my was nice. Talked to me for a while when he was washing my hair.

My salon trip has to be worth it since I am investing so much time aside from the money that’ll be paying. While I was observing, I found out that my stylist was not feeling well since the day before my trip to them. So, I given that, the patient and understanding  Jerzee inside me had a pat at the back for not engaging and keeping her calm. And as hours goes by I saw his perky side. He also talked to me like a real customer. Lol!

I went there around 10am, my stomach was already complaining. He allowed me to buy from the store just beside the salon to fill my empty stomach. Bought my food looking crazy wearing a towel  that protects my shirt from the medicine on my hair.

My stylist was nice, it just didn’t start well with us. He actually asked me if I got angry at him. With all honesty, I don’t know if there’s a difference with what I felt. But, gauging myself, I didn’t get angry, I just got offended. And that’s what I told him.

My oh my! It took me 6 hours to finish! 6 hours of my precious time. I actually missed Aeon’s performance in school at 4pm. I didn’t have a choice, I can’t leave with all the medicine on my hair. I was actually hoping to finish earlier. But, tadah! Time all consumed!


Really, the service and treatment you give customers will have a great impact in their future decisions. If you want great customers, you have to be a great service provider first. If I got swayed by my emotions, I’ll be another lost client.


Yes, I will be back. And of course, I’ll be hoping for a great start from hair cut to treatment. Nothing beats TLC treatment! Hair looks cool! Looks got even younger! Ehem.. hahaha! I am happy with the result!

So, what do you think of my hair now?

After Salon hair.

Total spend: 2,000

1,500 rebond + cellophane
500 hair color Matrix brand

Was the result worth the money? You be the judge.

Hair 3 days after. Washed!

Suggestion to improve

Invest on a television. Waiting for long hours is such a boring stuff to do. Let customers have something to enjoy. Reading materials is also a good addition to keep your clients entertained. This things are actually available in other Salons for the longest time. (**not sure if they have one in the maniped room, but came on, those having hair treatments can’t go there if there’s one inside.)

Note: this is not a sponsored post. All information stated here are solely based on my own experience.


One thought on “My INDEX Salon Camella Review

  1. Ang ganda ng hair!

    So proud of you for keeping your cool. Sometimes, we’re quick to jump to anger because we get slighted but yeah, most ofthe time, the person in question is just going through something or is not feeling very well.


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