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What’s the fuss about Valentines Day?

While I was traveling to work, it got me thinking about the fuss with the heart’s day and that Valentines day is indeed coming. Few days from now, it will be the most awaited lovers day again. Movie dates, fancy dinner, roses, chocolates, stuffed toys, will sure be a hit on the day of love. But, why does most of us really bother for a day?

Valentines as we know it, is known and meant for lovers celebrating love on February 14 each year. But, fortunately, this trend has evolved. Valentines day now is not only meant for people with partners in particular. This day can now be celebrated by friends, family, and whoever who wants to celebrate. Anyway, the day is meant for love and not specifically for lovers alone. It is meant for all people who loves.

If you are asking if we have plans on this day, well, we actually don’t have one. Flowers would be sweet. But, it’s okay if there’s none. Me and my husband have been married for 20 years. We started young, been to ups and downs of married life, but still going stronger as years go by. Why not plan for the coming Vday? Maybe because Vday for us is not just a day. It’s actually an everyday thing. Not materially showered and overly rated dates will make up a day to call it a day of love. Love day is every morning as you open your eyes and tell yourself, “Lord, thank you for the husband and family you gave me.”.


To single people, don’t get disappointed or frustrated if you don’t have a specific partner to celebrate the day with. Remember that this day is not just for lovers. Go and tell yourself, “Lord, thank you for all I have.”. Never hurry in finding that perfect love. God will send you your match at the perfect time. If you hurry, you might just end up being with the wrong person and have tears for your breakfast. So, you better wait for God’s timing.

Love is one gift that I thank God for. It’s an indescribable feeling that overwhelms your soul. It keeps you alert and excited, looking forward to the coming days. In short, it keeps you alive. It’s like electricity that jolts your dying nerve and brings you back to life and gives a clear indication of a wonderful tomorrow. Who would want a future without love? I’m guessing no one.

Who invented Valentines day anyway? NO, I’m not in any way against it. I love LOVE. I love people who loves. If we can celebrate pizza day which is today, then it’s definitely a must that LOVE should be celebrated too. I only choose to celebrate love often than once a year.

February 14 will be a busy day for many of us. But, don’t forget who gave the ultimate love off all. Give thanks and praise to God, for his Love is incomparable and unconditional. Let love be a way for us to glorify His name. Happy hearts day everyone!


One thought on “What’s the fuss about Valentines Day?

  1. I agree in most of the things you say here. Yes,we choose to love everyday and yes, love isn’t only about romance.

    You know how I feel about dates. I think that couples should spend time to be together and to do something together once in a while. It helped strengthen our marriage, helped us appreciate each other more and gives us time to get to know each other more. One of the reasons why I married Jay is because he’s such a great companion. We used to play billiards together, and now our favorite is trying out places together na kami lang. Once, our date was at Track 30. We just ran a few rounds then hung out at Circle K. 🙂


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