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Coffee and Beyond blog turns 1 + giveaway!

Coffee and Beyond Blog turns 1! How time really flies. I remember contemplating on working on a blog site and start writing my life journey a year ago. It was a timely event that I got connected to a friend blogger that helped me in creating my own blog site.

I only wanted to write. I wanted to share information and at the same time document experiences. By doing so, I am preserving memories and helping other people by simply sharing thoughts. It feels great to help even in simple ways and that’s how blogging makes me feel, grateful.

My first year in blogging was a blast! It paved the way to many new things for myself and I am thankful for every situation I bumped in during the course. May it be good or bad experience, I’m thankful. In any industry, you meet different people with different types of personalities. So, it can be tough to socialize. It will just be up to you on how to handle each one and make your time to socialize be a joyful one. You know, it’s always like the old statement, “you can’t please everyone” even if you mean no harm. Just like showbizness, it can go pretty rough at times. Nevertheless, I am thankful for everyone I meet and for every struggle.

What I love about blogging?

1. I love that I am able to express my thoughts.

2. I am able to share ideas.

3. I am able to share experiences that other people might find interesting enough to read and experience, too.

4. I also love how rewarding it can become in terms of payment and tokens from clients. Everybody loves gifts and get payment for a job done.

5. It allows you to connect.

6. It allows you to inspire others.

Actually, there’s a lot of things that you’ll love about blogging aside from what I’ve stated. But, these are my favorite so far. There’s more to explore in the blogosphere. There’s more opportunities to grab. And most importantly, more people to inspire.

Blogging is not my bread and butter. So, you’ll know that I have my heart in writing. It is a hobby, and you know that when something is a hobby, you do it because you just love doing it. But, there are times that you won’t see me writing. I get lazy at times and I opt to relax on my rest days. Yes, I have a regular corporate work that I give most of my time to. If you can remember, I had events here and there when we had the luxury 4 1/2 months vacation from work in 2016. But, since we are back to our regular schedule and workload is a bit compact with time, I’ve decided to cut down events and focus more on writing personal blogs when time and energy permits. But, of course, I still do accept events during my time off when the area is near my home. I’m a Mom, kids time, family time is my priority. Moms like me will agree with me on this, I’m pretty sure.

My heartfelt thanks..

I am so thankful to you my dear readers for  all the support that you’ve shown in a short span of 1 year. I didn’t really expect that people will read what I wrote. But, here we are! My heart is warmed by your comments, likes and your shares. All of you rock!

Now, I’m looking forward to more years of happy blogging and vlogging with you guys. Never been happier knowing that I’m bringing joy into someone’s  life. Cheers to our 1st!

Because your support means a lot to me, it’s time for a little giveaway!


I’m giving away 1 gift to 3 lucky readers (Philippines only)!

1 php500 Starbucks card,  1 Bioessence Basic Facial GC and 1 php1,000 Damsel (gowns for rent) GC.

This is small since it is not a sponsored giveaway. It is from my heart and a way for me to say thank you for your continued support. I love coffee, beauty and dresses that’s why I chose to give you these.


1. Like/ follow FB page @coffeeandbeyondblog.

2. Follow IG: @coffeeandbeyond18

3. Subscribe to YouTube: nel/UCyKWbGLeHYvpM9gKksbQTSg

4. Follow Twitter: @JerzeeBenavente

5. Share this post in your social media accounts and tag 5 of your friends. Don’t forget to set your post to public, use hashtags #coffeeandbeyondblogturns1, #coffeeandbeyondbloggiveaway and tag @coffeeandbeyond18 in IG and @coffeeandbeyondblog in FB so I can see your post.

Each like/follow earns you an entry in the raffle. The more entries, the more chance of having more merry coffee moments, pampering session and a chance to wear that handsome tuxedo or that stunning gown. Isn’t that exciting? Will announce the winner on March 31, 2017 evening. Start sharing! Good luck loves!


22 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond blog turns 1 + giveaway!

  1. Happy 1st Bloggsarry Coffee and Beyond!!
    More to come!! 😍😍
    And thanks for sharing your blessings..


  2. Congratulations on your 1st blogsary! Reaching this far is truly a blessing for you, considering that you are so dedicated in blogging. Thank you for this chance! Cheers to more years!!!

    *Did all the steps!!
    FB: Patricia Celso
    IG: @3shyyy
    YOUTUBE: Patricia Doreen Celso
    Twitter: @qwerTRISHyuiop



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