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Fertility Guide: A natural way of knowing when you are fertile

In this time and age, we are so lucky to have all the information and tools we need to work in our daily lives. From recipes, to life hacks and to family planning, name it you have it. And speaking of family planning, there are many tools now that we can use to detect ovulation and fertility. Whether you are trying to conceive or not, knowing your fertile days is important so that you know when to baby dance if you’re getting pregnant, or avoid unprotected intercourse when you are family planning.

Most of these tools a woman can use to track her fertile days are either available over the counter through the basal body thermometers and the ovulation predictor kits or online through fertility apps and calculators. So, it’s easy to know when you can and you can’t.

However, what if all these tools are not available? That’s the problem. We can’t always have them anywhere at anytime. Actually, there’s a natural way to pinpointing fertility and it is via the woman’s cervical mucus. What a woman is looking for is the egg white cervical mucus to be specific.

The mucus that looks like the egg white is what you are looking for!

The so-called egg white cervical mucus is the most fertile of all cervical mucus types. It allows the sperm to swim easily into the cervix. It is called the egg white cervical mucus because its consistency is similar to raw egg whites. It can stretch an inch or two without breaking in the middle.

This is an important tool for all women to know because the body will always show what is true. And when the cervical mucus resembles to that with an egg white, there’s no lying about it, you are very definitely fertile.


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