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Mega Dose Vitamin C at Renovo Integrated Med

Lately, I have been very eager to change lifestyle and focus more on my health. I’ve started dieting for a little over 2 months now. Started eating healthier and cut down on my rice intake and replaced it with more healthier alternative. I’ve also started hitting the gym for circuit training for over a week now. So, far lost around 3 kilos from my original weight.

With my health goal, I got curious and at the same time excited about the benefits of high dose Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid. Last week, I got invited to be one of the media ambassadors of health by Renovo Integrated Med for their Mega Dose Vitamin C and was given a dose of it. Vitamin C injected directly into your veins through IV. Just like glutathione drip, Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is now available through IV drip. Now, with my goal to be healthy, this came in perfect timing.

Jerzee@ Renovo Integrated Med
On my comfy seat while waiting for my #MegaDoseVitaminC IV Drip Sessin to start. šŸ˜€

You might be having doubts about the mega dose Vitamin C since most of us is already takingĀ the vitaminsĀ orally. So, what’s the difference? In taking the oral supplement, we only absorb a little percentage of the content of the tablets/capsule and flushing out most of its components leaving our body absorbing only a few of our needed dose. But, with IV drip, 100% is utilized by the body since everything is absorbed in the blood and the massive dose is tolerated by the body.

Vitamin C known benefits:

Per WebMD, “Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It’s involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.”

So, ascorbic acid helps the body not just by making you stronger against sickness but also aids in skin regeneration and growth of body tissues. Most of us makes taking this vitamin supplement a part of our daily routine because of the many benefits they get from it specially for children.

Mega Dose Vitamin C

Actor Albert Martinez, endorser of this product, gets his dose together with his kids to increase his stamina and alertness.

As I have told you in the first part of this article, I do take circuit trainings to lose weight. I also had my dose of Mega Dose Vitamin C. If I may say, it did increase my stamina and energy proving that the dose had a good effect on me. It also helped me sleep better, as I have been having problems sleeping for many months now.

Jerzee @ Renovo Integrated Med
No, it wasn’t ouchy at all. A baby won’t even cry! and it took me around 10-15 minutes to finish the dose.

Per Softball Player Paula Lopez, she also had a cyst on her wrist that made it painful for her to play. Before going to biopsy, she had her high dose vitamin C infusion. Suddenly, her cyst disappeared without undergoing surgery.

Another surprising useful information about high dose Vitamin C, it has been proven through extensive research that a massive dose of Vitamin C helps cure cancer by killing the root and eventually killing the cancer cell. This treatment has been proven effective against cancer. And for our body to tolerate a high dosage of ascorbic acid, the only way is to have it through IV injection. Though there is no overdose in taking the supplement orally, high dose through oral intake may result to stomach pain, loose bowel movement and acid reflux to name a few.

The good thing about vitamin C, it just don’t target multipleĀ sickness but also prevents it. So, the vitamin supplementĀ is not just for sick patients wanting to be cured but also applies to healthy beings who wish to be healthier. Ā As we know it, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.

With the many testimonies of those who’ve tried the IV Drip and who have proven effective. I’m excited to get my next dose since I have Polycystic Ovaries for the longest time. My menstruation was never regular. Sometimes itĀ comes but more than usual it doesn’t. With the great effect on patients with cancer and cyst that has been reported cured of the sickness, I am positively looking forward to clear ultrasound reports after my sessions.

Renovo Integrated Med

Renovo Integrated Med is located at Unit 807 Xavierville Square Condominium, #38 Xavierville Avenue, Quezon City. One of the many services they offer is theĀ infusion of Mega Dose Vitamin C. The dosage may vary depending on the recommendation ofĀ a doctor after a consultation is made. Yes, a consultation will be given before the infusion will take place to determine the amount of vitamin C you need.

A nice and comfy chair will delight you as you undergo infusion. Plus, they also offer an infusion party! How cool is that?

For more details and price information. You may inquire at Renovo Integrative Med at (02) 8274503 or u can txt/call (0995) 336 3698.

Let’s all be healthy!


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