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Cars have been one of our basic necessities in our everyday living. Not everyone can afford one but most of us use it as a frequent mode of transportation regardless if the car is private or a public utility vehicle.  I prefer having my own as it saves me effort in hailing cabs or booking cars like Uber as it may not always be available.

In buying your own car though, of course you just don’t get any car you see. You have to choose which car suits your needs. As a family of 6, we can’t just get small cars and squeeze ourselves in. Here are the things I consider in buying a car of our own.

  1. Capacity – I have to make sure that we will all fit in comfortably because there are times that we spend hours on the road. Three of my kids are all grown up, so we immediately have 5 adults riding. I’d like to avoid having cramps because I can’t move with the limited space.
  2. Gas/ Diesel consumption – This part is also very important, maximizing our resources is in my top priorities, so saving on gas is something I look for in a car. Every cent counts, so I need to find a car that can run all the miles we need but something that is not too thirsty on gas.
  3. Availability of Spare Parts – of course in the long run, cars will eventually wear off. Thus, a need to replace its parts is necessary for maintenance. I’d like to have something that I won’t have a headache in finding its replacement.
  4. Features – I like an all powered vehicle. Imagine if you still need to go down your car just to close the window of the backseat? Lol. I know you’ll agree with me on this.
  5. Overall Look – you just want to look cool on your car don’t you? But, this is the last item on my check list. Aside from the first 4 on my list I’m still very specific with the look.

In finding a car, it would be nice if you can compare specifications from one car to another. It will make decision-making easier as you are able to see the difference between cars. This is one feature that is offering on their website. From used cars to brand new, they give you all the details you need.


What I like most about them, they have videos and reviews, so you get a heads up on the car you’re eyeing to buy from real people. Not just sales talk, but the real thing. It also allows you to review a car you’ve used so others can also benefit from it.

Also, I like that they have an easy guide on Do it Yourself Repairs. Yes, it’s a step by step instruction on how to repair your car. They even have videos on how to do it. It saves you bucks on car repairs if you can do it yourself. Imagine if you can change the oil without the help of a mechanic? It would be an achievement!


So, in buying a car, it will depend on what you need. It doesn’t really matter if it’s brand new or not. What matters is that the car you’re looking for will meet your needs. Being able to get a good find from websites such as is truly something that most of us will benefit from.


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