Stilettos Journey: The Final Day of TOP Fashionista Model Search Wave 7

It has been a productive few weeks for me after going back to my regular work schedule after getting that long unexpected vacation leave. So, I’m finally writing the final event of my selfie queen at TOP Fashionista Model Search Cycle 7.

So, the day did came for the candidates to show off all that they’ve learned. I was excited, everybody was excited actually. As you can remember in my last update, Andrey and Colyn slept late because they did the trial makeup before going to bed. But, when I woke up, they were already preparing. As you know, putting on make up takes a lot of time that’s why they started early to make sure we don’t get late for the call time. Professionalism early on!

Call time for the candidates was 1pm even though the event was set to start at 3pm. We went and arrived ahead of time as usual and there were already candidates in Tanghalang Pasigueño (venue)  together with their supporters, family, and HMUAs armed with brushes and mirror with lightbulbs, excuse me here, I don’t know how to call it.

We were in full force, too! Family and friends were present, ready to cheer for our selfie queen. We’ve waited until the time came.

I’ve always reminded Andrey to smile during happy walks. She has this charming smile and I knew it was her asset. We actually practiced the “how to smile” because she was hesitant that she might look ugly without a mirror. But, I firmly gave her my assurance that it was okay.

With the help of our very own HMUA Colyn and assistants, every detail of her makeup was taken cared of.  Her total look depended on Ate’s magical hands. She looked very pretty and stunning. Curls here and there. Powder, lippie, lashes, accessories, everything was set. *Insert, thanks Tita Noreen for the accessories you gave! The bangles looks great!

We had a little problem with her shoes not being leveled because of the rubber that Dad placed in the heels was removed. It got me a bit nervous and irritated at the same time. Andrey was uneasy and grumpy about it but she gave an assurance that she can still manage walking in it without falling. So, I was relieved.

Production Number

The program started with a production number. Everyone was catching an eye of their supported candidate. Remember their rehearsals? This was the make or break moment. It was awesome I tell you. Everybody was screaming like crazy when the candidates came out wearing festival headdresses paired by a danceable music. It was so exciting as they danced and graced the stage. I actually didn’t expect that it will look so grand! It was an amazing momentum. This is also the part that each candidate introduced themselves. And while each candidate approach the microphone, I was in the look out for Andrey’s turn. Praying to give her presence of mind and be able to execute clearly. Perfect! It was a success. I was relieved, again.

The Segments

Simultaneously, right after the production number comes the first segment, the happy walk. 17, that’s the number assigned to her. I was nervous like I was the contestant. We’ve waited for her turn, number by number. Then came her time to shine!

She was wearing the pink event t-shirt which we folded to get a nice look and the maong shorts that MommyLola bought for her and her new black stilettos that I also got her.

It was such a jaw dropping moment! I was so proud to see her on stage. She was so confident and beautiful! She was smiling all through out. I can’t stretched enough to emphasize how happy and proud I was. I know Dad feels the same as he was clapping and shouting too! I was teary eyed while screaming and cheering my hearts out. Seventeen! Seventeen! I can still remember how it felt.

Right after the first segment comes the Vintage. So, hurriedly after their exit, I ran to the backstage to help out with whatever they need as Colyn was busy reapplying the make up and doing her hair to give the vintage look. Everyone was so busy preparing. Change of hairstyle and make up in a couple of minutes is never easy. Our HMUA’s ability was indeed tested here! But, she’s like a pro! Unbelievable! I’m a proud Mom !(with proud shoutout voice).


The same feeling I get as she walks the center of the stage applying the poker face and less movement walk,  just like how her coaches Ysa and Dianara has tought them. As she takes every workshop seriously, she shows off what she has learned.

What I like about Andrey, since she is new in ramp modeling, like a baby who has a sponge memory, she absorbs everything she has been taught. So, what you see while she’s enjoying her time in the stage is a genuine fruit of what she learned from her workshops.

And so again, we scream like crazy! Seventeen! Seventeen!

Her friends Mimi and Chelsy were also with us to support. Her forever BFFs. Support can really boost someone’s confidence. And we are super grateful that they’ve come to add to our cheering. It was such a funny moment when we ran out of voice and cough because of too much screaming. We squatted at the aisles to get a better view of the stage since we can’t occupy the seats that we want in front. We can’t miss a single moment.

Each candidate had something to offer. Everyone was outstanding. The workshop indeed changed the way they walked. I can tell the difference from their first day. The coaches did a good job transforming these kids and fueling them to give their best.

I told Andrey to just give her best and enjoy. It’s fine to lose as long as she gave a good fight. In contests like this, there will always be winners and losers. But, regardless if they win or lose, they are all winners as they’ve gained more in training.

Final Segment

Couture, the formal walk.

After putting on their Modern Filipinina Gowns, all the contestants lined up once again for the last segment. Each had their own gowns tailored. One girl I heard, had her gown for 14 thousand pesos. Cheap for some maybe, but highly priced for  us! I got Andrey’s gown at a way lower price compared to it. Her Mom wasn’t happy with the amount she paid though, she said she was surprised how expensive the gown was. Well, I was surprised, too! It wasn’t practical to have such, when you can have the same look at a lower price. But, if you have the ways and means. Why not.

And for the last time, everybody had their chance to be noticed. Everyone was beautiful! All gowns fits each of them elegantly.  As each contestant, walks the final walk, again, we were waiting for number seventeen. And when she went out and made her pose. Right there and then, our screaming began.

The yellow Filipiniana Gown.

As I have told you in my past updates, you know who’s running for the win. And my Andrey was all geared up that day. We were actually not expecting anything. We just want her to enjoy the moment. Experience would be our best award. But, you’ll know she was giving her best and won’t settle for less.

After, everyone have had their last walk. It was time to give out the awards. There were multiple awards given to few candidates. My selfie queen got herself the Female Promising Potential Print Ad and Best in Personal Style award! Imagine how wild in screaming we were when her number was called!

Then the top 3 candidates were announced. Number 19 was called for the 2nd Place. Then, for the 1st Place as drums roll, our hearts were pounding hoping for the win, as the MC shouts number SEVENTEEN! OMG! She won first place! How our hearts jumped in absolute happiness! It was an incomparable moment! Our fist ever win in such field! Then, number 10 was proclaimed the Grand Winner.

Top Fashionista

We went there just to enjoy the time and experience. But, we went home proud. With this journey, a life lesson for my selfie queen was learned. If you dream it, pray for it, ask for it, go for it, work hard for it and it will eventually bear good fruit.

Here’s the proud gang! Insert HMUA’s fantastic assistants Kainah and Ahmed, Tita Noreen and Tito Mel.

This is just a start for my daughter. There’s a long way ahead. There more to dream about and I ask the Lord to walk with her as she journey and make her own footprints. Never will this be possible without the grace of the Lord.

I hope you enjoyed reading our selfie queen’s stiletto journey. If you’re wondering if there were any falls during the event, I’m happy to say that there was no accident. There was a very minor slips but it was manageable and no one got hurt.

If you’re asking if she has plans in joining beauty contests, she’s just 15 years old. We’ll take our time and enjoy. Lol!

Do you wanna take same journey? I wish you all the luck! God bless!



32 thoughts on “Stilettos Journey: The Final Day of TOP Fashionista Model Search Wave 7

  1. Those are super high stilettos. They look difficult to walk with, but your daughter makes walking look so natural. I love her gown, so elegant looking and fits her well. Looks rather expensive on her too.


  2. Your daughter is so pretty. Yes, take time as she is still very young. I started joining beauty pageants at the age of 15. Young but the experiences will take as a training. Congrats to your daughter and to you. Hahaha. I can imagine the excitement while she’s on stage.


  3. Congratulations to your daughter. For sure you are so proud of her. She’s only 15 pero pang beauty queen na ang height and beauty


  4. Parang andon ako sa moment na in-announce ang winners! Seriously, I am happy for you sis and your daughter. It’s so touching na super supportive mo and of course, it’s obvious that you’re raising a future beauty queen! Keep up the good work! And again, congrats! 😀


  5. Congrats! Ang beauty ni daughter! I can still recall the preparation that you had, I also read that here on your blog. All hard works are paid off! You must be really really proud of her!


  6. Oh wow! Congratulations! You must be really really proud? She’s very pretty. And indeed, if you ask God for something, pray for it from the bottom of your heart and surely, he will give it to you.


  7. I felt every emotion while reading! I was almost squealing na rin tuloy when I got to the part where the winners were announced. Your daughter is so lovely, I’m sure she will go a long way. Congratulations!


  8. She’s so pretty. Your daughter is so blessed to have a supportive mom 🙂 I used to join school pagents before but hindi interested umattend palagi ang Nanay ko 🙂 hehe.


  9. Whew! I am so glad that I still caught up with the ending of your series! I was just wondering the other day what happened and then I thought that maybe I had missed your post. Anyway, super congrats!!! Your daughter is sooo pretty in all the photos! Job well done for her, for you, and for the rest of the team! I’m sure you’re still feeling so happy over the whole thing even days/weeks after, I know I would. 🙂


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