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Coffee and Beyond: Review of KoCos

What’s your favorite dish? Mexican? Korean? Are you getting bored of the usual food you eat? Relax! A new Restaurant is in town that offers a fusion of Mexican and Korean dishes that will definitely tickle your taste buds.

Yesterday, I was invited to try out dishes in KoCos Kitchen. I was so excited since I love to eat Korean dishes and at the same time I love Mexican food.  So, the fusion got me so interested to check it out.


I went there with my second daughter Andrey because we were allowed to take 1 guests to share our food with. Of course, it was way better than going and eating alone.

The Place

The name KoCos is from the combination of the word Ko (Korean) Cos (Tacos).

The restaurant is located at #53 TSL Bldg. Doña Josefa, E. Rodriguez Sr. Quezon City.


Owned and operated by Joseph Lee and Rodge Sarate. Both have culinary backgrounds and very hands on in the resto operation.  Both of them loves Korean and Mexican. So, they came up with the idea of fusion.

KoCos owners Joseph Lee (left) and Rodge Sarate (right)

The place is small but homey. Most tables and chairs are made of wood. It can seat approximately 30 people inside the restaurant and can accommodate 16 outside in the smoking area.


Business hours is from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday. So, Monday is a no work day for them. However, on special occasions, you may book the place even on a Monday.


And guess what! You can do Karaoke singing while you dine and chill at the restaurant! They have 2 flat screen TV’s on each side of the dining area. So, you don’t need to worry that you won’t  see the lyrics of the song that you want to sing. Plus, they have 2 microphones for everyone to pass around.

The Food

This is far most important part of the review! The food!

We were served with 14 dishes. A mixture of appetizer, short orders and rice toppings. These are not all the dishes they offer, but enough for you to rate the quality and taste of the rest in the menu.😉

So, get some tissue and be ready to wipe that drool. Seatbelt on!

We were served the following dishes.

Pumpkin Soup @ php100.00
Seafood Arroz Ala Koreana @ php749.00 good for 4 pax
KoCos SurFries @ php250.00
Tacos Beef Bulgogi @ php200.00


KoCos Fried Chicken “KFC” @ php160.00
Beef Stew @ php240.00
KoCos Balls @ php150.00
R & B Burger Sliders @ php229.00 served with shoestring fries


Ice Tea @ php65.00 / php 300.00 for a pitcher
Japchae @ php229.00


Caramelized Kimchi Quesadilla @ php 210.00
Kimchi Pasta

My Verdict

I can’t express how much I loved the food! I wanted to eat as much as my mouth wanted to. But, my stomach was all full.

There are dishes that tasted a bit the same like the KoCos Surfries, Beef Bulgogi Tacos and the Nachos. Which I think is because of the salsa taste. But still, I liked it. As we’ve suggested to the owners, it would be better to make it a little different from each other. And what’s really  nice about the owners, they accept criticism and makes sure that they do something about it.👍

The Caramelized Kimchi Quesadilla was too spicy for me and is not recommended for kids. Not unless your kid can take the level of spiciness of the dish. The owners said that we can actually request if we need it less spicy. So, that’s a good thing.

The Kimchi Pasta was okay. A little spicy, since flavor is kimchi. If you have kids with you, don’t worry. They have the regular spaghetti with KoCos balls.

They still don’t offer desserts for now. But, they are contemplating on serving Churos. Not sure, if they already have it by now.

From the dishes they served us, my top of the list favorite dishes are the following.

  1. Beef Bulgogi Tacos – this is made of soft taco with beef bulgogi and KoCos special blend salsa. The meat is tender and taste blends so good. And is served with fries.
  2. KoCos SurFries– I’m not sure what spice they mixed on the fries. But, it tasted really well. It’s a little spicy. And still, I liked the salsa taste.
  3. KoCos Balls – I love the sweet taste of this dish. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I liked the overall taste. I’m sure kids will like it. This is the same meatballs they use in their spaghetti.
  4. Beef Stew – this dish is a rice toppings. The beef is so tender that you can easy eat the meat. I can compare the taste to Caldereta. Only that the meat sucked all the flavor. I loved it!
  5. And the Tortizza – I love pizza and the Tortizza didn’t fail me! Two thumbs up! A must try!

Don’t get mistaken. The rest of the dishes are equally  good tasting. I only have my favorites. 😉

I highly recommend that you try this restaurant. The fusion of Korean and Mexican is just amazingly good.

The price is okay since servings of most dishes is good for sharing.

And the place is very accessible.


I suggest that they add more lemon on their Iced Tea. It tasted like Nestea to me. For the price, I will expect a little more.😊

Ladies will always appreciate that your CR will always have tissue in it. 😊

I would love to hear your thoughts about my review. ❤️



38 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond: Review of KoCos

  1. I get excited just with the idea of a Mexican and Korean fusion! Then I saw the taco bulgogi and then I’m sold. I have family in Tatalon, I guess I need to visit them soon haha!


  2. Food looks super yummy but it is so far from our place or my office even. Sayang parang ang interesting pa naman tikman the dishes you tried.


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