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Spreading Goldilove at Enchanted Kingdom in Goldilocks 50th Anniversary

Goldilocks celebrated their 50th anniversary at Enchanted Kingdom last June 1 & 2.

Goldilocks has been part of so many lives such as mine. I lived in the province when I was young and it is my great joy when my father would bring me a mocha cake when he comes home to visit me from Manila. There was no branch in our area that time. So, for me to eat it, I will need my father to buy it for me. I would call him in his office and let him jot down the things I want for pasalubong. On my list will always include Goldilocks cake, pulburon, and the brownies that melts in your mouth! Okay, I know you notice that I’m such a foodie even before. Lol. This brings me such great joy.

Photo credit to Goldilocks.

As they celebrate their 50th, they spread Goldilove to their loyal  customers, employees, media, and children of the Children’s hour by sharing their blessing through a fun-filled afternoon of entertainment at EK.

Our lady coordinator, thank you for taking care of us!
Loot bags as we hopped in the bus! Baby Yael, this little fan is yours!😊😊

I with my bunso Aeon, together with my co-bloggers were able to attend on the second day of celebration.

This was our first time to go to EK. As we are a big family. Going there all together would mean wreaking my pockets for the entrance fee plus we can’t bring food and water inside. Which is a big problem for me because my kids are always hungry. Lol! Imagine how ecstatic I was to find out that I was invited?😆

As part of the media. We were  only allowed to bring 1 companion. Guilty as I can’t bring everyone, I decided to go with 1 of my kids as I didn’t want to miss the experience and at least 1 of them can come.

I know you are wondering how I chose who will come with me. I actually asked my kids to raffle it so whoever will come wins fair and square and the rest will not feel that I have a favorite amongst them. I asked my second child Andrey to make the entries by putting 3 sad faces and 1 happy face in a piece of paper. After each one has picked his/her piece, they all opened it at the same time. My bunso was smiling so big while Ates’ had sad faces same as what was drawn in the paper.

So, came our most awaited day. A program was held before everyone was able to explore the place. We were able to witness a spectacular dance from EK dancers. And one hilarious show from Vice Ganda kalokalike and partner (sorry I forgot the name). Fire dancers also amazed the kids and adults while they blow flame in the air.

Vice Ganda Kalokalike. Photo credit to Goldilocks.

During the program as I look at all the people who came and the happy faces I see while watching the show. I thought to myself how awesome for Goldilocks to bring so much joy to its employees, customers and most of all, to the children of the Children’s hour. Not all companies share their blessings. And maybe because of this character, Goldilocks still exist and is still being patronized by many since 1966 because they also have the heart for the people they serve and who serves them.

I was truly amazed when the MC asked the employees of their tenure in the company. There were new ones from 1-2 years. Then, there were employees from 5-10 years, then 11-20, 21-30, and a whole 31-40 years working for Goldilocks! That’s a WOW! For you to stay in a company for a long time means giving more than half of your life to the company! Goldilocks must have done something really great to gain such loyalty. You deserve a big applause. And of course, nobody raised for the 40-50 years tenure as they are retired by now with ages approximately 70 years old.😊

More than anyone that I’ve noticed, it was my youngest who was the happiest. When the children went up the stage to blow the candle and sing happy birthday to Goldilocks, he also wanted to go up. But, he had difficulty reaching the stage as there were many people in front. So, after trying he went back patiently to where I was.

spread more love Team Goldilocks!

As a surprise for the kids, the cast of Enchanted Kingdom, Wizard, Princess and the rest had an appearance and danced, too! When the MC announced that the kids can have their pictures taken, hurriedly Aeon with my help rushed towards the staged to strike a pose. He wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity again. But, it was too crowded. There were a lot of kids. So, it was hard to get an exclusive shot. But, he didn’t mind at all.

Can you still see the EK Cast?


Although the temperature during the show was beaming hot and I had to buy myself some cold shake to freshen up as I was afraid of heat stroke. It was pleasurable to see many happy and excited kids.

Later in the afternoon, it rained before we can all enjoy the rides and games! But, it didn’t stop us from riding all the rides who allows 47″ tall kids. Yes, I got dizzy after Flying Fiesta, Hot Air Balloon, Roller Coaster, Bump Splash, Ferris Wheel and Carousel and Flying Fiesta again.  But, my Aeon was all excited from ride after ride. And he went to ride Jungle Log alone! Brave young boy indeed! We tried to maximize our time as we were scheduled to go home at 8pm. We have to be back to the bus before the said time so we won’t be left behind.

Me and my bunso Aeon.


Wet after braving a solo ride in Jungle Log! I didn’t join him as I was too afraid but he was too persistent

So, we bid farewell to EK and brought with us a lot of fantastic stories to tell my older kids. Aeon did miss his sisters as he utters Ate would love to ride those extreme rides. And it would be more fun if they were also here. We could have won bigger stuff toys if Daddy was here also. I smiled at him and said “Oo nga, baby. Di bale next time magiipon tayo.” Such a sweet little kid.

We got so hungry after an afternoon of fun. Though we also ate some inside EK, we felt hungry when we were back at the bus. Good thing that Goldilocks provided us the loot bags full of treats. So, we ate some of it while we were travelling back to the Metro and some were saved for the Ates.

We had so much fun Goldilocks! And I’d like to thank you for giving us a memorable time celebrating with you. Sending you hugs and smiles. May God bless you more as you also bless others! Happy 50th birthday and many more glorious years to come!



24 thoughts on “Spreading Goldilove at Enchanted Kingdom in Goldilocks 50th Anniversary

  1. I was a Goldi crew back in 2006, it was my first job–a part-time one while I’m finishing college. They really have a heart for their employees.

    It’s great seeing your faces enjoying Goldilock’s treat in EK. I hate that I wasn’t available that day, I’m sure I’ll see a former colleauge or two there.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. After that EK trip, I prefer buying Goldilocks na. I really appreciate their kindness and generosity on bringing employees, loyal customers and media partners to EK. They even provided EK money so the parents wouldn’t think much about expenses.


  3. I’m a Goldilocks user but also a different brand’s user, and yes, I really look up to their generosity, wow!!! How much millions did they spend for all of us during that 2-day caravan, db? Goldilocks is Goldilove! ♥ Nice meeting you and Aeon. 🙂


    1. Sa dami nung tao. Sure thing that they spent millions to make people happy. That’s why they’re still up and kicking in the industry.

      It was nice to meet you too! And the madaldal baby at the back seat. Lol.


  4. Goldilocks was not available in Baguio when I was growing up. I only see their commercials back then so I was really used to locally baked cakes. Now, there are a few branches there.

    More than 10 years living here in Manila and I still haven’t been to EK myself. LOL! Thanks for providing me a preview of the place. Maybe I’ll schedule a visit in the near future. 🙂


  5. I am a big goldi fan. Every birthday celebrated at home has a goldilocks cake. But my favorite nwill always be the polvoron. I wonder though what happened tot he missing billboard. I always see it on the way to work.


  6. Sayang hindi ako nakahabol sa event na ‘to! Looks fun! Its been ages since I’ve visited Enchanted Kingdom. I am also a suki of Goldilocks! Happy 50th Goldilocks!


  7. I was there and yes it was really a fun experience. Nag enjoy ako kay Kalokalike Vice at sa kasama niya. Sayang lang, I left early around 4pm so wala kaming nasakyang rides hehe. Planning to go back to EK with the family this year. Thanks Goldilocks and Happy 50th!


  8. Happy Anniversary to Goldilocks! I hope you were able to bring some pasalubong also to the kids left behind. I wish next time you can bring them all to fun events like this 🙂


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