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Coffee and Beyond: Red Table – Korean Fast Casual Restaurant Review

You’ll never run out of food choices now a days. From Asian to Western cuisines, from ala carte to buffets, name it and you’ll find it here in the Metro. You’ll actually get a headache in choosing where to go.

I love to eat and try different cuisines! It makes me happy. But, not all food gives me that smiling and excited look. So, when I find that food that tickles my taste buds. I tend to eat it over and over again without getting tired of eating the same thing.

One food that caught my taste is the famous Bibimbap. It is a signature Korean dish with white rice, assorted sautéed veggies, your choice of toppings (like beef), sauce and sunny side up egg. So, it’s a balanced food and I think is very healthy too!

Korean Bibimbap Original @Red Table for Php160

 Lucky me, there is a Korean fast food within the same building where I work. Red Table — Korean  fast casual restaurant is located at The Podium, 3rd floor of RCBC Plaza, Makati City. So, whenever I need to plunge on a craving, I can spend my 1 hour lunch here with my office girlfriends.


When you enter the restaurant, you’ll easily notice the red and yellow chairs –not fancy but can comfortably sit you. They have a black couch in both sides of the place. Tables are made of wood and lights are yellow which make the interior warm and relaxed.


Red Table sells Korean dishes. Specifically, my favorite Bibimbap. Bibimbap Original is sold at 160 pesos when served in a rice bowl and 170 pesos when served in hot stone. The difference between the two is the temperature and the bowl they use. I often eat the variant priced at 160 pesos so I can eat it fast. And oh! Did I mention that they serve it with soup and kimchi? Yes, kimchi! I can easily consume 3 small servings of kimchi when I eat here. You just have to ask the waiter for an additional serving. I don’t know why that much –tastes deliciously awesome together with the main dish.

This restaurant tends to get crowded everyday. The line at the cashier tends to get very long during lunch time. So, I recommend that you visit the place before everyone takes their lunch or right after lunch time. Most people who dine here are employees of different tenant companies of RCBC Plaza. But, of course the place is also open to all who wish to dine at the Podium. Usually, I take my lunch early at 11 a.m. In this way, I get to escape the crowd and maximize my lunch time rather than wasting a lot of it waiting in queue.




 The place, most often when you eat at lunch time, they run out of space where you can dine in. Most probably because the place is small and they can only extend the dining area up to the front area of the resto. It is also a little bit hot here, maybe because they only rely on the air conditioning of RCBC Plaza. So, when the temperature rises, it can no longer control the heat. The cashier and servers can wear a smile too! It wouldn’t hurt a bit if they do. 🙂


Hefty serving . The kimchi comes almost unlimited for dine in (you just have to ask for more :-)). They have free WIFI! Hurray! And they sell Melona ice cream!


I enjoyed every meal I eat in this Resto. I will always recommend the place to all who would want to eat a Korean dish!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to make a review. This is solely based on my dining experience.


30 thoughts on “Coffee and Beyond: Red Table – Korean Fast Casual Restaurant Review

  1. haaaaays, korean food. Even in Ortigas nowadays, there are a lot of Korean restaurants but it is sometimes hard to find the one that serves authentic dishes. Will have to try this place if and when I ever step into that area of Makati. 🙂


  2. I first had my binimbap years ago when we checked in in a hotel in Cebu. And i instantly fell in love. I love togue as well. Ihihi. What i dont like in Korean food are the Korean atchara or the kimchi. Even their dilis is delicious. Ihihi.


  3. Korean fast foods are pretty rare, noh? I’ve never heard of red table. I seem to miss it when I’m in Podium. I must remember to look for it next time. 🙂


  4. Hubby and I go for Bibimbap every time we want some carbo overload. Also, I used to work in RCBC Plaza 4 years ago and there are really good restaurants to try.


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